Thursday, March 24, 2016

Memebox I'm Lipliquid |Makeup Review

This lip liquid was included in the Christmas special sale I bought last year at Memebox and surprisingly I'm happy with it I mean I'm not sure if the color would actually suit me at first but now since it's spring I feel like this is the perfect pink color not just for the season but like year round I mean almost everyone loves pink right? Haha

It smells like roses (floral scent)
glides on smoothly and beautifully
nice color payoff
Long lasting lip color and at the bottom the product itself states it will last for 2 years+ before it expires wh:0a
Hydrating and feels creamy

I feel like the end of the applicator could come off later on although it seems quite sturdy for now

I'm ___insert makeup product purpose___ name line (it's pretty funny for me the entire line consist of a self intro. Label like hi I'm whatever whatever) I guess it's a good guide if you dunno the basics haha

Natural Sunlight

Natural Sunlight
Indoors, Fluorescent light

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