Monday, September 21, 2015

Running Man | Tv Series Review

First episode: Jul 11, 2010
Number of episodes: 200+
Episode duration: 95 minutes each
Network: Seoul Broadcasting System
Origin: Republic of Korea
Genres: Variety show, Reality television,Comedy ,Game show,Television comedy

Running Man is a South Korean variety show; forming part of SBS's Good Sunday lineup. It first aired on July 11, 2010, and as of 2015, is currently the longest-running program, at five years on Good Sunday, surpassing X-Man's three and a half years.

My thoughts:

Now I can finally appreciate this show and it didn't take me long to be obsess with it haha! I like how it's so innovative every single time although if you watched this show long enough you get the gist of it for example the final mission is most likely a tag elimination game which looks so much fun! anyway, I must admit I have a lot of favorite episodes like whenever they have a lot of female guest around like SNSD or top female actresses they love and admire (example: episode 213 the one below)

 It's so funny how they all react to one another also whenever big bang is around especially episode 250 during their water basketball match some of the running man members took other players pants and eventually ripped off Jong Kook's clothes so he won't be able to participate in the game since he's so good with everything I laughed so hard!

Their Ultimate love line the monday couple Gary and Ji Hyo actually grew into me. My favorite characters probably Lee Kwang So,Jae Suk and Jong Kook their neverending bickering are so funny all of them actually the running man team they're a nice set of characters their cheating,betrayal,sense of humor and comedy antics are truly one of a kind!they never fail to amuse me truly a great mix of personalities!

I kinda miss Joong ki he's such a cute and refreshing guy I hope he makes a great comeback if not to running man well to any shows like dramas or movies.

Overall, 5 out of 5 stars eventhough their missions are hard at times they all try their best to endure,push through and they look like they're all having a good time doing so plus they make me wanna move and do something fun with my life and I kinda miss playing games with my friends as a kid so this show is like for grown ups big boys and girls version I wanna play with them or at least visit their set it seems so much fun and a lot of hard work,love and efforts are put into it. I wish them all more powers and the best of luck. FIGHTING!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Oh My Ghostess | Korean Drama Review

Source: wiki.d-addicts
Title: 오 나의 귀신님 / O Naeui Gwishinnim
Also known as: Oh My Ghostess
Genre: Fantasy, Romance,Supernatural,Mystery-Crime
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvn
Broadcast period: 2015-Jul-03 to 2015-Aug-22
Original Soundtrack: Oh My Ghost OST

A romantic comedy drama about Na Bong-seon who is possessed by a ghost and chef Kang Seon-woo who doesn't believe in ghosts. ~Hancinema

Park Bo Young as Na Bong Sun (chef's assistant)
Jo Jung Suk as Kang Sun Woo (chef & owner  of Sun Restaurant)
Im Joo Hwan as Choi Sung Jae (police officer, Sun Woo's brother-in-law)
Kim Seul Gi as Shin Soon Ae (virgin ghost, spirit no. 0825)
Park Jung Ah as Lee So Hyung (PD )
Shin Hye Sun as Kang Eun Hee (Sun Woo's younger sister, Sung Jae's wife)
Kang Ki Young as Heo Min Soo ( sous-chef )
Choi Min Chul (최민철) as Jo Dong Chul (cooking team)
Kwak Shi Yang as Seo Joon (cooking team)
Oh Ui Shik (오의식) as Choi Ji Woong (kitchen assistant)

My thoughts:

Another great recommendation from my good ol friend I never thought I'd like it this much! some scenes made me cry and laugh so hard some times I want to speed things up especially in solving the mystery of it all as the story line drags ugh -_- I'd still give it....

4.5 out of 5 stars

ok you can round it off to 5 stars hahaha anyway, I love this girl's character  Kim Seul Gi as Shin Soon Ae so bright,cheerful and full of youth! 

also love love love this guy Kwak Shi Yang (Seo Joon) so cute! 

One of my many favorite scenes is whenever they sing Congratulations! and this karaoke moment so funny :))

I really want him and bong to be together that sort of love triangle crossed my mind. And I never thought I'd like sous chef  he can be really funny or most of the times just plain annoying and he seems like he wants to go out for a drink every night with his coworkers who can't stand him but they're polite enough to go some nights oh such dilemma hahaha

and to sum up some of my feels thanks to drama fever for this awesome video compilation

also hello monster!
DAVE's cameo role! XD
this time his name is Edward something Kang Ki Young (Heo Min Soo) recall him as Alfred something hahaha didn't expect him to be here oh such good fanservice!

What else to say? it's soooooo good!such a great show! that ending though hmm..I thought one character was dead but  is actually alive and then their's this maybe fate thing or like just to push that sort of ending to other characters you know that nice possibility that everything ends well that good feeling so everyone would be ok/fine with it haha. Overall I would still recommend this show a lot! I hope you'd check it out and see for yourself! ^_^

Monday, September 7, 2015

I Remember You (a.k.a Hello Monster) | Korean Drama Review

Source: wiki.d-addicts
Title: 너를 기억해 / Neoreul Gieokhae
Genre: Romance, thriller, mystery,crime
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2015-Jun-22 to 2015-Aug-11
Original Soundtrack: I Remember You OST
A passionate detective with a strong track record has been investigating a mysterious former FBI profiler for a long while. They both somehow end up in the same investigation crime team which sparks their romance.

CastMain Cast
Seo In Gook as Lee Hyun
Hong Hyun Taek as young Lee Hyun
Jang Na Ra as Cha Ji Ahn
Park Ji So as young Ji Ahn

Extended Cast
Choi Won Young as Lee Joon Ho
Lee Chun Hee as Kang Eun Hyuk
Park Bo Gum as Jung Sun Ho
Hong Eun Taek (홍은택) as young Sun Ho
Min Sung Wook as Son Myung Woo
Kim Jae Young as Min Seung Joo
Son Seung Won as Choi Eun Bok

My Thoughts:

This show was recommended to me by a good friend/colleague of mine I think this is also the first time I watched a sherlock-hannibal mystery detective police cases kinda thing korean style anyway, I'm happy to see Min Sung Wook (Son Myung Woo) here he's still so freakin hilarious there are times I dunno if I'm gonna take him seriously but that made him a much more effective character for me haha I think he's the only one I recognized here most of the cast are quite new to me.

What I like about this series is the plot twist and how they reveal stuff although it's kinda tedious but hey that's police work right there haha I feel sad and happy for the main characters sad because of what happened in their life growing up happy because they tried to make the best out of it! I don't like the ending where's the justice in that? although it's kinda okay they get what they want. I'm surprised to see there's only 16 episodes and they all seems to have the same phones just different casing I dunno what it is but it looks nice mayhaps sponsored oh well .Overall 4 out of 5 stars lots of stabbing not that gruesome although a bit eerie sometimes,the methods how they decipher stuff and how they unravel the mystery is nice the characters grew into me also their romantic interest..

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Same old pattern
on repeat every single day
day dreaming as a form of escape

reality catches on
after I took a long break
the cycle goes on...I'm still wide awake

where to next I wonder
as I checked the time and calendar
which seems endless and forever,