Monday, April 6, 2015

Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase | Japanese Tv Series Live Adaptation Review

As for the Live Action/Japanese Tv Series Adaptation well it wasn't the same as the manga if that's what you're wondering but it has the same concept of Night/AI technology being there. 

First episode: Apr 15, 2008
Last episode: Jun 24, 2008
Episode duration: 40 minutes
Number of episodes: 12
A Japanese romance comedy drama television series based on the original manga novel Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase. Mokomichi 

Hayami -Night Tenjo
Saki Aibu - Riiko Izawa
Mizushima Hiro- Asamoto Soshi 

At first I'm kinda disappointed how this isn't the same as the manga but then again it has a great cast and everything simply builds up and grows on you every after episode.In the live-action version, Riiko Izawa is an office lady in search of a boyfriend, and she ends up in possession of a "robot" known as Night Tenjo, who is programmed to be the perfect boyfriend. However, this creates a love triangle with a distinguished young man at her company who also has feelings for her. 

A couple of years later I found out that on March 24, 2009, a special episode of this series was released and featured 3 years after the last episode of the series, whereas Riiko had become a pâtissier and is engaged to Soshi Asamoto; and Night was suddenly revived by a Kronos Heaven employee, who wanted to use his individual ego to her own gain. At the end of this special episode, Night is last seen telling Namikiri to erase him from this world while shedding tears. Riiko at last, returns to Soshi's side and their marriage goes on, but this is not shown on screen.

All the feels came gushing over me I mean OMG! in that very special episode alone I feel like I finally had some closure with this series although it's a weird mix of happiness and sadness but overall the story was greatly delivered it captured the audiences heart, everybody deserves to move on and get on with their lives. 

For the first live adaptation I gave it four out of five stars simply because I'm disappointed in the some parts I thought it has more manga-ishess to it but the cast redeemed themselves especially with the special episode in which I gave five out of five stars.

Overall I love the manga and live adaptation experience I wonder in a couple of years time if the robot and human roles would be reverse hmm...something to think about some other time yeah haha! what about you? what do you think? have you read this series yet? did you like the live adaptation? feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below ^_^


  1. Hey there, Kim! I'm not much into manga, but it's one of those things that I kind of wish I was into. There are just so many neat ideas. I did love the Dragon Drive manga show, though. That was very fun.

    This was an excellent review, by the way! All the best to you.

    Edge of Night

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by Eve and for commenting it means a lot to me! to be honest I wasn't into manga before as well I think it all started way back 2007 when the anime I was watching back then took a really long time to update and that forced me to read the book haha! I'll try to look for that Dragon Drive you're talking about it seems very interesting. Have a good day! ^_^