Saturday, November 25, 2017

Holiday Wishlist Part 3

      Ok so foreals foreals tho this is it! (in case you missed the other 2 here it is  Part 1  & Part 2 )
you may or may not noticed but I changed the theme of this blog since I like to change it up from time to time.I like this simple layout, clean background although I lowkey kinda miss the blue clouds background lel :))) we'll get used to it eventually...

     Anyway, since I'm always trying to think of different ideas and hone my skills when it comes to my creative process, product design etc. I want to invest into a cutting machine with Cricut I'd be able to precut my stickers or any design I want for my scrapbook or etsy the possibility is enless!
along with the machine of course I need the matching Adhesive Cutting Mat. I saw a youtube video about this she makes it look so easy :0

And then...well I have a lot of typography books on my wishlist I'm still trying to sift thru which one I gotta have as reference or need in my collection. But I really want to get my hands on Doyald Young books

 I also wanna try different types of Journals and papers.

lovely color and I see this all over the place *_*

Moleskine Art Plus Sketch Album, Pocket, Black, Soft Cover (3.5 x 5.5)  I think this is the cheapest one out of everything moleskin related.

Also thinking about buying more fine liner pens then again hoarder alert! lolol :))) so Imma hold in these temptations for now. Have you ever used any one of these? lemme know in the comment section below so I can prioritize and help make up my mind xD

Can you feel the holiday season in the air? 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Holiday wishlist Part 2

Ok so my list changes from time to time this time around its a mixture of beauty and random things I think I need or want in my collection but not necessarily but like ya know if anyone will give them to me as a gift this holiday season I'd be happy to receive it :)))

*Not affliated links

Jouer metallic lip set

I got a good feeling I might keel this box for a certain period of time.This packaging screams holiday!

Very gorgeous lip shades! some a bit light for my liking I think but they might be good as lip toppers I reckon.

Unfortunately it's SOLD OUT! for now but might be on soon...get on the wait list like I am lol :)))

a fountain pen

coz I forgot to buy this at yesstyle and got only the ink instead! plus the pic for the ink was very misleading! I thought the pen comes with the ink ugh -_-

or any fountain pen really...I just want something to practice my calligraphy lel :))

a blackhead remover tool

I know you're not suppose to pick on pimples or blackheads etc. but this tool would make it more sanitary or cleaner I think.Then again you need to really know what you are doing or else you are simply damaging your skin foreals foreals.This looks painful then again I want clean pores xD

depotting spatula

If you watch beauty news youtube channel destroying and depotting makeup seems really fun! then again I don't think I'd ever do that but blending different colors seems like a nice experiment lol :))))

wax stamping kit

This cost about $13 on yesstyle compare to other stores I went to that's like $20-30 plus then again I have to pay for shipping online doe...sooo meh -_-

Steadler pens

I think this been on my list the longest...I have yet to buy and experience these then again I'm always like..well you still have to maximize your usage on your sharpie pens lol I talk myself out a lot on purchases can you tell? :)))

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Holiday wishlist 2017

Hello! been awhile since I've done a proper blog post and here we are ^_^ Today, I'm gonna share with you some of the items on my wishlist. Other than a PS4 bundle and a couple of ps3 games (Jstars victory versus, Max Payne 3,Resistance 3,Mass Effect 3,Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and Gran Turismo 5: Prologue).

 I'm really tempted to buy some makeup.To be honest these things I mentioned/about to mention I consider them luxury items although for some this is affordable.What I consider luxury are things I don't really buy often or like things I want but not necessary need in order to live if you know what I mean xD

Since the holiday season is just around the corner I might actually give in and splurge a bit since there are lots of different brands are comin up with limited edition things and really cool packaging well besides the exterior glam I'm really into some good palette deals. Starting off with:

This sleek lipstick palette!it has a mix of seven creams and seven mattes to give custom lip looks in one swipe (an $81 value). Plus it's cruelty free! Since I haven't tried any smashbox be legendary lipsticks before I reckon this is a good value and even though I'm not really into lip palettes I mean just look at these shades! Their so gorgeous *queue Taylor Swift Gorgeous song* 
Another affordable option is this.Wow I love nyx! for some reason I'm really into metallics this year.I haven't tried one yet but soon enough I will! I'm still quite uncertain whether or not to get the one only available at Ulta which is all metallics or the one on the nyx website which is mattes vs. metallics hmmm...

The first time I ever laid my eyes on the full throttle collection I was blown away by the packaging it's so 3d and punk looking! very cool! this shade is called Color Riot. Some shadows are on sale but the original retail price is $10 which is not so bad considering you'd get 4 shades for $2.50 each in this palette. There are so many things I wanna try on nyx but this shall do for now :)))

Now, let's talk Colourpop! I'm amazed how much this brand is growing by the day and now they're finally available in Sephora! WOOHOO! I'm really glad they made some palettes. This is one of their bestsellers. Although I feel like I already own some of these shades from different palettes I'm in it for the yellow actually so I'm thinking whether or not I should just buy a pressed yellow shade which cost $5 or this entire thing ($16) coz the color selection is so nice and warm.

Another product I would like to try is called Femme from their Ultra Satin Liquid Lip line ($6).I don't own any dirty lilac shade.I wonder if it will suit me also to feel this formula on my lips.So far what I tried from this brand is their lippie stixs (Creature & Ellaire) which is really one of my favorite lip products especially during fall and winter months and their Ultra matte lippie which is not my favorite since it can dry up my lips especially If I don't use any moisturizing thing first.

So yeah that's basically it for now.I think I'm pretty reasonable with my selections at the same time I'm still so cutthroat about other things on my list like part of me wants the Huda Desert dusk eyeshadow palette or should I go for Natasha's lila palette but ugh those things so expensive!. This isn't the final form :))) I would still have to prioritize which one to get  (if ever) I just like putting things on lists and perspective just in case I know which one I'd like to get or receive as a gift.What about you?Any holiday plans? and what's in your wishlist?

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Do people even read blogs anymore?

           It crossed my mind a couple times but just now I've decided to sit down and jot down my thoughts around 2 am Monday morning. I can't seem to sleep mayhaps excited for the upcoming gig or just I don't know I fell asleep in such an odd hour yesterday.

           Anyway, I only followed a couple of blogs mostly my friends and even them stopped blogging.My Godma urge me to blog even though I was hesitant she stopped blogging as well and got busy through the years and here I am last one standing on my end who would have thought haha!

             I mainly keep my blog so I can have a mini reminder what Youtube contents I have up or scheduled ahead of time so they won't overlap since that happened before.Also I feel like blogs is somewhat safe in a way since I feel like nobody reads them anymore so like whatevs Imma write or put whatever content.For those of you who've been following me awhile might recall I used to have an old ever 1st blog but I decided to discontinue that coz I feel like the opinions I wrote there doesn't reflect who I am anymore.I've grown and changed as a person.I wanted to start something new.Clean slate.Simple layout etc. I'm really glad I continue this sort of thing as this outlet keeps me sane.I might have pissed people since I put a lot of content almost everyday on YT for August but meh ya know I gotta do what I gotta do.Speaking of which I gotta go now and do whatever it is I'm suppose to do and quit stallin.

                How bout you? what you up to these days?

Ciao for now!

Thanks for reading!


Monday, August 28, 2017

Another Yesstyle unboxing

Yesstyle back to school sale til Sept 3, 2017

True Glam - Faux Suede Drop Choker

True Glam - Bow String Choker

Aesthetica - Open-Front Kimono Sleeve Cardigan

Kokyu - Turquoise Triangle Drop Earring

Show Mind - String Drop Earrings

MATO - Cutout Crop Top
Aiyori - Branch Hair Pin
Miss Max - Leaf Hair Pin

Seirios - Lariat Necklace

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Amazon & Yesstyle Unboxing

so I bought some back to school sale goodies online.Trigger warning unwrapping some stuff is a bit asmr-ish lol :)))

Selfie Ring light:

Note: Smile amazon is not an affliated link when you order via the smile program link small amount of proceeds goes to your chosen charity.

Yesstyle back to school sales ends Sept 3, 2017

Jolly Club - Tulle-Hem Longline Zip Jacket

Glamiz - Three-Layer Necklace:

Seirios - Metal-Accent Double-Strand Necklace

HEDGY - Triangle Earrings

HEDGY - Double Square Earrings

BAGSHOW - Faux Leather Shoulder Bag

Another note: I earn a small commission when you use my yesstyle link you're not obligated to use it but if you do order using my link it would help me very much.Thanks for  tuning in!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Skinion Mexico Nopal Cactus Water bomb sheet mask 🌵

🌵 you can buy it at use the code PETALFIRST to get 10%off your purchase (I don't get any referral fee or anything :)) sharing is caring ^_^

or you can buy it at

Thanks for tuning in! 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Soo Ae Snail Mask Review/Demo

I received this mask for free via (won the DK Cosmetics Campaign) in exchange for my honest review. ^_^

EGF actually got a Nobel Prize (Go to to learn more about the Nobel Lecture by Stanley Cohen Dec. 8, 1986) this is truly an amazing breakthrough!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Soo Ae Aloe Mask Review/Demo

I received this mask for free via (won the DK Cosmetics Campaign) in exchange for my honest review. ^_^

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Soo Ae Honey and Vitamin Mask Review/Demo

I received this mask for free via (won the DK Cosmetics Campaign) in exchange for my honest review. ^_^

Monday, January 16, 2017


Hello Everyone!

OMG FINALLY! I opened up my very own Etsy Shop WOOHOO! I've always wondered what its like to open one now I know haha! I'll be selling part time since I like and enjoy doing DIY projects these days so I figure why not open up a shop and see what happens :))

I'm very excited to share my handmade goods to you guys oh yeah I also placed the Etsy Logo on the Right Side Bar if you're on desktop or just click the hyperlink above^

Anyway, I recently added a FOR SALE page up my tabs which also reflects what's on my etsy shop etc. Looking forward to conduct business with you guys.Please share and spread the word it would mean the world to me!

Here's a coupon code: HELLYEAH15 for 15% off with minimum $10 purchase valid til February 15,2017