Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Makeover Essentials? Meh not really -_- | 1st Impressions/Overview

I've always wanted to try and buy off things via Hautelook a lot of people seems to rave about them online so anyway this one is one of my first purchases on their website and there are more coming hopefully on their way by now...Let's take a look at this one

But the packaging doesn't look or scream like Vanity Planet to me D:

But hey they look alike from the picture inside right? hmm...
it contains:
5 eyeshadows
4 blushes
5 lip glosses
3 applicators

expires in 12 months once opened
cruelty free
made in china
ophthalmologist tested
it does contain mineral oil

this is what it looks like detached

yup these 2 transparent lid just came off :/

 All 5 shadows without primer (finger swatch)

 All 4 blushes without primer (finger swatch)

All 5 lip glosses.You can't really see it they're more like shiny and there are no difference color wise when I swatched it in my fingers and lips these are by far the most disappointing product in this palette. And it tastes like plastic ugh SO SAD!

All 5 eyeshadows with primer swatched using a makeup brush

look at that powder kickoff oh boy!

all 4 blushes with primer swatched using a makeup brush

they look way more pigmented with primer on seriously!

I tried to do a brush swatch again of all the eyeshadows and blushes but without primer they are way less pigmented so definitely use a primer with this one.

I like the premise of this product the On the go detachable customizable palette,the clear lid but overall it's a hit and miss especially the lip glosses so I'll try to make it work somehow and mayhaps recycle the packaging like maybe remove the glosses and just replace them with other product(s) I'd like to depot or something.Lesson Learned more research before buying things online haha!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Beauty Wishlist part 7 (Anti-haul almost haha :)))

A lot of these products I haven't tried anything from the brand. This wishlist is currently into my online obsessions circle of things haha it is a bit cray there are lots of products that seems to be launching here and there. Tons of sales everywhere! Consumerism at its finest! but for now indulge me as I share with you some of the products that crossed my mind. Also I just found out about this anti haul videos on youtube which is kinda inspiring and empowering really
let me present to you the originator of such video: Kimberly Clark!

Here's my list:
All rights reserved to the owners of this pictures which I screen grabbed from the internet and pinterest ^_^v

I'm sure by now you've already heard of this Palette if not well this is inspired by the Renaissance era hence the name. I love the cranberry shades in this also there are some orange tones which is great for the fall season or if you just love these kind of colors in general haha
Price: $42 
you do get 14 eyeshadows so it's like you're paying $3/pan which is not bad. Looking at the swatches,online raves,reviews and hype if you are in that kind of thing the pigmentation and quality seems great!

The moment I saw this I was at awe like angels singing and lights streaming haha this cost about $82 WHOA! I know right?! Is this worth it? maybe..I haven't swatched it or anything in real like I just saw it in a youtube video and I just love the design and the color pigment seems I guess ok since it does cost a lot haha isn't that always the thing ohh it's so expensive it must be really good! oh terry I could only reach you in my dreams for now...Just so you know I love your design and the concept of it all it's just for now...I can't : )))

The Love Your Selfie 2 by Pur Cosmetics. I like the concept of it, the message its trying to send out to the world then again it almost seems too gimmicky to me you know what I'm saying? I'd like to try Pur Cosmetics for so long and I think this kit is nice although I don't really like sharpeningg lip things haha I don't have any green shadows in this shade range and I like the cranberry shade other than that it's all pretty basic and neutral. I'd like to see more orangey tones since it is their Fall collection. This Set retails for $42 which is $3 more than their 1st selfie palette but with this sequel you do get a lip pencil.
watch this video by Nicole

and read this blogpost by Sona:

with their code of 20% off code whether you choose NICOL or SONA this palette will now cost $33 something not sure about tax but if you get it from the pur cosmetics website they do offer complimentary shipping which is nice and if this set expires let say in 24months once opened it's like $15/year and with 14 products it's like $2.35+ each not bad...
I haven't heard of this brand to be honest and this product is from Pure Cosmetics I stumble upon this brand when I was googling swatches for the PUR cosmetics mineral eyeshadow love your selfie 2 haha anyway this is PURE COSMETICS Essential Makeup Set which retails for $40 originally $60

What it is:
A luxe black engraved case filled with limited-edition eye shadow, lash, and cheek essentials.
 What it does:

Never overpack cosmetics again! Simply toss The Essentials All Inclusive Makeup Set in your bag and go! The Essentials by Pure Cosmetics is the ultimate travel kit with everything you need for on-the-go application. Easily create a complete look with a full range of cosmetics for the eyes, lips, cheeks and face. Luxe enough for the vanity, but practical enough for any purse!

This set contains:
- 6x 0.06 oz Neutral Eyeshadows

- 0.13 oz Shimmer Bronzer

- 2 x 0.08 oz Blushes

- 0.13 oz Translucent Powder

- 2 x 0.02 oz Lipsticks

- 0.10 fl. oz. Mini Lip Gloss

- 0.10 fl. oz. Mini Mascara

- 0.02 oz. 2-in-1 Concealer and Eye Primer

- 0.04 oz Powder Black Eyeliner

- 0.03 oz Brown Eyeliner Pencil

- 0.03 oz Pink LipLiner Pencil

- 1 x Blush Brush

- 1 x Lip Brush

- 1 x 2-in-1 Eyeshadow/Eyeliner Brush

I think this is a nice beginner's kit although I haven't tried any of their products but looking at this set it does contain a lot of product!(eyes,lips & cheeks) can't beat that for that price! although they're all neutral and limited edition! but if you're into that and haven't got any shades quite like this I feel like you might like this one. As for me I like how travel friendly it is,it seems compact and durable the thing is I feel like neutral shadows looks the same to me and the I don't really get to inspired with these shades.I could only get the basic look for this still dunno how to feel about it haha

This Palette is from Juvia's place haven't heard of it till August 1,2016 apparently they're new launched around April 1 which everyone thought was a joke. Mostly popular at instagram since that's where some youtubers say how they found out about this. This is the Nubian 2 Palette which was inspired by an African Empire in old Egypt, headed by the beauty icon named Nefertiti. She was famously endowed with strength and spirituality. This palette consists of 12 versatile arraign of metallic shades and matte shades. 

Consists of 4 Matte Colors and 8 metallic pop of colors .

Each Pan Net Weight : 3.5 g /0.12 OZ

Product is Cruelty Free.

I'd like to show you a picture of the very 1st Nubian collection in light green cardboard which consists of 12 rich and highly pigmented Nude shades. Brows, Golds, and some Neutrals. But for some reason I have a hard time  pasting that picture here ugh anyway so it has 4 Transition Matte Colors and 8 shimmery/ Pearl Textured Colors 

Talc, Mineral Oil, Magnesium Stearate, Iron Oxides, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Mica, Kaolin, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Chromium Oxide Greens, Manganese Violet, FD & C Yellow 5 Al Lake, FD&C Blue 1 Al Lake.

Net Wt: 18 grams / 0.63 oz

If ALLERGIES occur please discontinue use.If you have ALLERGIES please do not use.

Whoa reading the disclaimer bout the 1st one seems kinda alarming to me what do you thing? although the 1st one consist more of the warm tones I think I was attracted to this first but the 2nd one seems more fun and vibrant and does look as if you're getting more in the 2nd one due to its size.

The thing about Juvia's place I watched some youtube videos about some drama bout a winner who won a giveaway but didn't get it or whatever also bad customer service I hope they fixed that and let me find that video.

she also made a blogpost about it . So yeah take what you will from that. As for now Imma just gonna wait patiently til my next Palette calls me haha

Friday, August 19, 2016

Hautelook: Mirenesse Haul!

Picture compilation of things so you can look at them closely,read and inspect them yourself. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016



Do I know you?

It seems like eons ago since I last saw you

I tried to reach out

But it seems my message wasn't fully conveyed

I travelled to the moon and back

And yet you didn't even bother to say..hey!

My last contact seems like a lost cause

I gave you two chances

I refuse to give you another

Like a strikeout meant to happen

It's extremely sad to lose a friend

Or at least that's what I thought you were

But I guess not

So.. goodbye stranger

It was nice to know you

At least for a little while

That mere thought was rather comforting

I ought to go 

To a place faraway

And never again will I ever bother to the likes of you.

It seems rather bitter to part this way

Then again what else is there to say?

100 layers of lip tints! #NEVERAGAIN