Saturday, October 31, 2015

Howl (2015) | Movie Review

Information Source: Imbd

89 min | Horror | 16 October 2015 (UK)

Director: Paul Hyett

Writers: Mark Huckerby, Nick Ostler

Stars: Ed Speleers, Holly Weston, Elliot Cowan |See full cast and crew »

My Thoughts:

I really liked it! although it seems kinda boring at first and that the story is pretty basic,wolf transformation's okay looking but the transition was fast. Most of the characters put up a good fight thanks to the to the old man Duncan Preston (as Ged)who encouraged all of them they did pretty well after that although karma's still a bitch!. I'm surprised to see how much tools they got on the train and the first aid kit helped a lil bit. So happy to see Sean Pertwee (as Tony) and Ed Speleers (as Joe) there...Joe truly looked like the part haha I feel for him poor guy. I also liked Amit Shah (as Matthew) I never thought he could hit so hard it was crazy! and man I was hoping Sam Gittins (as Billy) could hold on for so long til they get outta there you know my heart was thumping with joy then again you know it's a horror movie so yeah....that was pretty scary yet exciting at the same time haha!

so many thoughts running in my head like are all the doors could be close with the key? what if they just stay long enough til sunrise or hoping somebody's gonna rescue (trying to stay positive haha)  but like I said it's a horror film so yeah nice mix of action and suspense.Overall 4 out of 5 stars I love the myth twist in the end and modern day adaptation. Watch this movie and get spooky! xD

Monday, October 26, 2015

Coreana Essence Lip Collection (2 Wine Burgundy) | Makeup Review

Information Source: Korea Depart
Manufacturer: Coreana
Country of Origin: Republic of Korea
Volume: 3.2g

My thoughts:

A little bit goes a long seems dark on the transparent part of the container and when you put it on at first.
As you can see on the swatch here the first one on the left I blended out a bit more it has a dusty rose tone while the right hand side is the first swipe straight out the container so it's kinda liquidy but not too runny.

Natural,Dry lips

Here's what it looks like in natural light outdoors so it's more dusty rose on the upper part of my lips while the bottom part is kinda bright borderline red-pink

While indoors under florescent light (I took this one during night time) it's more natural looking and has that bright red-orangey tone.

It's very moisturizing! more like a lip stain than a lipstick and not sticky at all! It can be a bit tricky to put it on since I'm not used to this kind of packaging.The downside for me is that it's so perfumey I can taste it so I usually just let it settle down to dry for a couple of minutes and smell/taste eventually goes away over time.Anyway, it's quite long lasting,fades beautifully and I love the Gold and White packaging it looks so high end. Overall 4 out of 5 stars!

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami | Book Review

Info. Source: Goodreads
Category: Fiction, Japanese Literature,Fantasy,Contemporary,Mystery,Cultural
Audiobook, eAudiobook : 21 parts
Published September 24th 2013 by Books on Tape (first published 1994)
original title : ねじまき鳥クロニクル [Nejimakidori kuronikuru]
ISBN : 0804166609 (ISBN13: 9780804166607)
edition language : English
series : ねじまき鳥クロニクル #1-3
characters Toru Okada, Kumiko Okada, Noboru Wataya, Malta Kano, May Kasahara...more
literary awards : Yomiuri Prize for Fiction (1995)

My thoughts:

2.5 out of 5 stars

While reading the story....It's painstakingly long! It dragsss...I don't really see the point of it all especially in the beginning this story makes me want to go to sleep. It's normal and a bit weird so many things I'd like to quote ugh I don't like how the girls voices sounds so annoying! there you go audio book thanks haha! Good way to past time though I wonder how this story will unfold.I like Haruki's descriptive writing style but thy greatness I dunno hmm...

The end of book 2 reminds me of that scene in hannibal with the wealthy guy.

Got a bit confused whether nutmeg's a guy or girl.

I feel like the other stories within this story are such fillers -_-

Mae kasahara's story bout the duck people and rice pudding was so funny and interesting indeed.

I finally get it in the end it makes sense now haha!

Additional thoughts from the future (Oct. 2015) : So I read this book last September and I really didn't thought much about it as I try to enjoy the story as much as I can. I feel like this book is truly very Haruki you know normal days with a twist of weird paranormal twist story within a story some things/people aren't what they seem as you thought they would be kinda thing. I'd like to give it a higher rating him being Haruki and all but I just feel like it's okay I liked a lot of quotes from this book though haha!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Thoughts about UnPretty Rapstar Season 2

I searched the interwebs for this show since Kasper from the wish street portion on wishtrend youtube channel mentioned it that she's gonna be there.

also surprised to find out she's a rapper and that I'm actually looking for the wrong title coz I thought at first it was pretty rapstars only to find out there's an UN to it haha anyway this show is focused on female rapstars competition wherein they compete to win music tracks with collaboration from other well known artists in the industry and   the contenders are beautiful but some of them not really on the inside...

The person I'm rooting for is of course Kasper and then as the show goes on my list piled up to Gilme I like her songwriting skills although she tends to forget her lyrics most of the time, Heize she's alright and I actually like the dark version of Yezi when push comes to shove she's so fierce and fearless #crazydog KittiB seems nice.

I don't like Trudy she's gotten a lil airheaded,rude,mean,thinking she's above other rapstars and definitely needs a reality check and Sua I don't like her personality actin like a sly fox and some people fall for her supposedly "cuteness" coz she's young blah blah blah  Oh and Ash B seems like a real bitch don't really like her personality as well which seems really mean and I'm glad she's out pwahaha! 

My overall favorite is still none other than kasper out of all the contestants I always feel she's always for real although it some people think of her as an underdog or weak I believe in her! I like the feel of this show it shows all the mistakes when they're on spot on competition and all that,interviews,what goes on rehearsal etc.

Since there's gonna be a diss battle in Episode 5 I'd like to diss Trudy if I were in there hahaha

Hey Trudy
I feel kinda sorry
Whenever they say
you sound like yoo mi rae
I wonder when you'll step up
hear your true voice
As you say hey!

Hey trudy!
Its gettin kinda windy
My mistake it's just you 
and your cockiness
don't strain your neck
with all that air in your head

*it's more of a rhyming song really I don't have any beats hahaha oh well fighting! Kasper,Gilme,Heize,Yezi and KittiB xD

Monday, October 19, 2015

Belif Peat Miracle Revital Serum Concentrate | First Impression

Source: Korea depart

My thoughts:

Got this cute tiny sample (the same size as my pinky finger) during my last purchase at Koreadepart. The first time I used it it's quite sticky and then as my skin absorbed the product it felt like my skin was instantly moisturized and  smooth no sticky feeling. It also has a subtle herb leafy smell but it doesn't linger that long. I like it so far although the largest size is 30 ml for $65+ which I think is rather expensive and something to think about.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


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Monday, October 12, 2015

Aritaum Full Cover Stick Concealer (Light Beige) | Makeup Review

Info. Source: Korea Depart
Manufacturer: Hwasung
Country of Origin: Republic of Korea
Volume: 2 g

roll/twist it like a lipstick to push the product upwards

My thoughts:

I bought this product at Koreadepart for $4.88.There are only two shades available which is Light Beige and Natural Beige. This kinda reminds me of the Maybelline stick concealer minus the brush on the other end. It has a creamy texture, nice and smooth doesn't make my face too bright or patchy...the brush is soft and quite handy too especially whenever I don't want to use my fingers.It took me 2-3 applications under my eyes and to cover some blemishes on my works well and nicely for me although it almost has the same effect like my Nyx HD concealer I sometimes use both products hand in hand especially when my skin is a bit dry haha  Overall 4.5 out of 5 stars! it's light,travel friendly,easy to use and affordable.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Rimmel Provocalips 16HR KISSPROOF LIP COLOUR (730 Make your move) | Makeup Review

Info. Source: Rimmel London Website


• Kiss proof, transfer proof, food proof high impact endless colour.

• No tight feeling or dry lips. Lips feel smooth and moisturized all day long.
• Easy removal with Oil based makeup remover

STEP 1: Apply colour and keep lips apart for 60 seconds until the product sets.
STEP 2: Apply topcoat to lock the colour, moisture and add shine.

Normal lip color,dry lips

The top picture shows just with the lip color while the picture under it is when the gloss was applied it adds more shine and moisture.

The Gloss- kinda smells like chinese herbal medicine

Clean side

My Thoughts:

I really like this product for being Kiss proof, transfer proof and food proof. I just put it once and the color never fades and stays in place for a very long time! not sure about 16 hours since I don't wear it that long as it can be a bit dry especially after 5 hours I can see the line and cracks on my lips. Anyway, 730 Make your move is definitely the closest to my normal lip color it looks so natural on as if I'm not wearing any lipstick. The lip color part feels kinda like paint haha Overall 3.5 out of 5 stars! 
Its funny how it has the same color as my tongue haha!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Gotham Season 1 | Tv Series Review

Source: Imbd

TV-14 | 42 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

The story behind Commissioner James Gordon's rise to prominence in Gotham City in the years before Batman's arrival.

Creator: Bruno Heller
Stars: Ben McKenzie, Jada Pinkett Smith, Donal Logue |See full cast and crew »

My thoughts:

I like this tv series so far it's like a fresh new take to Gotham which is like old new york,still some pay phones and old cellular phones (no smartphones yet). Mafia bosses fighting each other claiming territories entangled in crimes,power hungry people, corrupt system along with the local police although one character shines through and trying to clean up the place faces loads of obstacles and life changing decisions.I can somewhat recognize some of the characters based from my old batman films knowledge.

Here Bruce Wayne is still a kid along with catwoman,Penguin still trying to make a name for himself and a bunch of other different personalities that makes up Gotham. Arkham is still on the works.

My Favorite Character so far is Selina Kyle (Catwoman) her cat like actions and reflexes are definitely spot on. She's so adorable! I hate Penguin (Cobblepot) which makes him an effective character for me once a snitch always a snitch pwahaha! Some of the characters grew on me like Harvey Bullock gotta hand it down that fella!

Season 1 was definitely action packed! loads of crimes and conspiracies going on.Oh men I feel kinda bad for Bruce the wayne's man...why did they even took that dark alleyway route?! like seriously they're rich and all the should have just took a cab or took their car or walked on the busy streets that scene was just so heart wrenching!

And it seems like people are constantly on a mental breakdown at Gotham you know? They really need a good facility for that. I hope there are some Old Wayne flashbacks that would be nice and so excited for Bruce to grow up and be a real crime fighting Batman superhero! and now I feel like I wanna play a batman video game oh boy!

Overall 5 out of 5 stars! I hope they catch the real culprit soon! there are so many plot twists and turns and I really wanna know who is behind all this? Who is/are running the place anyway?OMG! I'm glad I watched it right on time season 2 just premiered last September 21 woohoO! so yeah if you wanna tune in it's on air every Monday 8/7c at FOX.