Thursday, August 31, 2017

Do people even read blogs anymore?

           It crossed my mind a couple times but just now I've decided to sit down and jot down my thoughts around 2 am Monday morning. I can't seem to sleep mayhaps excited for the upcoming gig or just I don't know I fell asleep in such an odd hour yesterday.

           Anyway, I only followed a couple of blogs mostly my friends and even them stopped blogging.My Godma urge me to blog even though I was hesitant she stopped blogging as well and got busy through the years and here I am last one standing on my end who would have thought haha!

             I mainly keep my blog so I can have a mini reminder what Youtube contents I have up or scheduled ahead of time so they won't overlap since that happened before.Also I feel like blogs is somewhat safe in a way since I feel like nobody reads them anymore so like whatevs Imma write or put whatever content.For those of you who've been following me awhile might recall I used to have an old ever 1st blog but I decided to discontinue that coz I feel like the opinions I wrote there doesn't reflect who I am anymore.I've grown and changed as a person.I wanted to start something new.Clean slate.Simple layout etc. I'm really glad I continue this sort of thing as this outlet keeps me sane.I might have pissed people since I put a lot of content almost everyday on YT for August but meh ya know I gotta do what I gotta do.Speaking of which I gotta go now and do whatever it is I'm suppose to do and quit stallin.

                How bout you? what you up to these days?

Ciao for now!

Thanks for reading!


Monday, August 28, 2017

Another Yesstyle unboxing

Yesstyle back to school sale til Sept 3, 2017

True Glam - Faux Suede Drop Choker

True Glam - Bow String Choker

Aesthetica - Open-Front Kimono Sleeve Cardigan

Kokyu - Turquoise Triangle Drop Earring

Show Mind - String Drop Earrings

MATO - Cutout Crop Top
Aiyori - Branch Hair Pin
Miss Max - Leaf Hair Pin

Seirios - Lariat Necklace

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Amazon & Yesstyle Unboxing

so I bought some back to school sale goodies online.Trigger warning unwrapping some stuff is a bit asmr-ish lol :)))

Selfie Ring light:

Note: Smile amazon is not an affliated link when you order via the smile program link small amount of proceeds goes to your chosen charity.

Yesstyle back to school sales ends Sept 3, 2017

Jolly Club - Tulle-Hem Longline Zip Jacket

Glamiz - Three-Layer Necklace:

Seirios - Metal-Accent Double-Strand Necklace

HEDGY - Triangle Earrings

HEDGY - Double Square Earrings

BAGSHOW - Faux Leather Shoulder Bag

Another note: I earn a small commission when you use my yesstyle link you're not obligated to use it but if you do order using my link it would help me very much.Thanks for  tuning in!