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Hey guys! how's it goin? I hope you're having a great day! today I'm going to share with you my favorite beauty products I tried this year and yes I did tried a lot! stepped out my comfort zone a little bit and explore the beauty world haha

These are the products I use almost everyday in 2015 with slight variations to my routine from time to time so I can rotate and use them all. What I also learned this year is that if you have a good skincare routine = more beautiful you and less makeup

Note: I have dry to normal,sensitive skin with a slight tendency of pimples/acne around my jaw area and sometimes on my cheeks and forehead. Dry areas usually on my cheeks. Some of the products here I got reviews on my blog(s) some don't and I'd would some mini reviews beside it but please feel free to click the product links for more info/where you can buy them etc. 


All the products I used in my How I cleanse my face post:

-Ponds & Simple Facial Wipes- gentle,non irritating facial towelletes

-Leven Rose Jojoba Oil- great cleansing oil,melts my makeup off but not a good if used alone as a face moisturizer it breaks me out and it can last for 3 years! isn't that amazing!?

-Missha Cleansing Citron Foam- refreshing citrus cleansing foam I mostly use during the day

Now you might be thinking Oh man that's a lot of product! towelletes then why use jojoba oil then a foam? whoa! The thing about double cleansing is that it doesn't really dry out your skin in fact you're taking out all the gunk/ dirt out of your face and prep your skin other skincare needs like essence,face lotion,emulsion,serum,moisturizer and eye cream it might all sound foreign at first this type of concept but it's truly very effective! please watch this video for more information.

Moving on...This product I used at night

-St. Ives Green Tea Scrub- gently exfoliates,nice matcha & salicylic acne medication smell mix,prevents acne, somewhat helps get rid of my blackheads

-Facial Brush - super soft like bunny soft  it helps my foam cleansers thoroughly clean my face and very affordable too!

Only lasts for 9 months after opening :0
Here's my recent December Favorite it's non other than : Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask

First time use picture what a face! haha 
I can't really move my face as this clay mousse hardens

Seriously this stuff is amazing! My skin felt soft,smooth and not dry at all after I used this.It definitely helped get rid of my blackheads and there's something extremely satisfying in scrapping those lil buggers out haha! 

TONYMOLY products:

-Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream-smells like green apples,gently exfoliates and moisturizes my skin.

 -Caviar Face Mask Sheet, highly moisturizing!smells clean and great! not eww at all haha! I like the cotton mask it fits my face nicely. (sorry no picture ^_^v)

Skinfood Black Sugar Wash off  (Strawberry)- At first I love the strawberry smell outside the packaging but when I applied and used this I didn't really like it in the beginning it's more like a medicine strawberry like scent and felt too harsh.My skin felt quite raw afterwards. For my second attempt I diluted it with some water and applied it on wet skin that felt so much better, the smell doesn't bother me as much and this is actually nice afterwards my skin felt so soft,smooth and moisturized!

Nivea Creme- My HOLY GRAIL Moisturizer! it's really good during fall and winter time very hydrating whether you use it by day or night you'll look so awesome! too oily for summer use tho...

Nature Republic 92% Aloe Soothing Gel 

Aloe Gel- I stock up on this product although I didn't really liked it at first on my face when it dries the product rubs off so whenever that happens and before that happens I know I need to exfoliate so for the most part on my first tub I used it on my body I felt very clean and refreshed.During the fall season that's when it finally grew on me to give it a go again on my face been using this everyday ever since haha I mostly use at home though..maybe it's the weather since it's much cooler and I have a good skincare routine now the product doesn't rub off unlike before. It has a cooling effect when you applied it on and oh it has some alcohol in it just in case your sensitive to that kind of stuff.

-All day makeup fixer, moisturizing,refreshing,makes my makeup last a little bit longer and natural finish. I use this as my moisturizing spray as well even without makeup.

Innisfree Aloe Revital Skin Mist, moisturizing aloe face mist I use this sometimes hand in hand with my aloe soothing gel and mostly use this spray to my tony moly latex free moisture puff to blend my makeup.

It's Skin mini bebe mist (apple), moisturizing,smells like apples,refreshing and can also be used as a body mist. It's so cute and tiny pretty convenient and travel friendly!

I highly recommend these products!definitely worth your money I hope you give it a shot ^_^

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