Thursday, April 7, 2016

High end-Dupe-Online/Offline Window Shopping: Products on my Wishlist part 4

So If you've been following me on Instagram I recently posted some of these photos I know I'm a total makeup obsessed person these days I dunno why ugh mayhaps it's the season since it's spring and a lot of things are on sale and new-ish I like to browse around on my spare time,compare and check prices, grab a good deal stuff like that anyway without further a do!

I actually saw this at the Walmart Store other than that the rest I browsed online 
So they say the Elf Illuminating Palette is a good dupe for the Smashbox contour kit...they're quite close in comparison

So I might try Elf first then smashbox although I'm still quite contemplating about it since the Smashbox one looks a bit dark to my liking and that's the lightest shade soo...yeah tap off the excess :))

Look at this beauty! 
I never had a lip palette especially one this big haha! The thing about lip palettes I think they're quite messy and not travel friendly I feel like they're always gonna melt and how about touch ups am I right? this one is a bit of a splurge $3 a pan


this one is $13-15 although BH Cosmetics usually have sales and they got nice quality or so I heard from youtube haha and since we're on the topic about affordable goodies just look at their blushes!

If I haven't bought the benefit cheeky palette last year I would gladly jump in and buy this one in a heartbeat! for $10 you get such wonderful variety of colors for all seasons! and it's so massive I feel like this could last a lifetime haha :0

I think BH Cosmetics are great for beginners like me,aspiring makeup artists,makeup lovers and beauty gurus. I love how they always have a good deal at their website

When I saw this online my initial thought was wow! that is a good deal! and free shipping too then again as I start calculating I still think it's a nice variety of products to try and test with but still too pricey! but look at that beautiful eyeshadow set,lip color and purse though...

Lorac Riesling Product
I think this one is limited edition...I hope they bring it back! there's always ebay though haha!

Saw this one at Sephora's website and look at those gorgeous shimmers! wow! it's expensive considering it's travel size hmm..I think there's a Physician's formula dupe of this one which is much more affordable.

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