Monday, August 10, 2015

PS3 & Games

I bought my PS3 last year I never thought I'd buy one but I did such perfect timing! I bought it because PS4 was released and I like how there's now a PS3 bundle haha and that there are ton of games to choose from well at least I have some ideas what kind of games I'd like to play and check out plus many thanks to IGN I really trust most of their reviews especially whenever I'm game hunting.

I'd also like to talk about a couple of games here and share some of my feels with you guys. Please feel free to

recommend me some games you thought I might like. And Oh I actually returned Bioshock 2 & Dishonored I can't really appreciate it yet and I get all nauseous playing it ugh -_- plus Devil May Cry 4 since that stuff doesn't work as you can see my game pile is a mix of pre-owned & new games also I gave away some of the games I finished so other people can experience it as well.

Anyway, I finished :
-The Last of Us
-Final Fantasy XIII
-Metal Gear 4
-Heavy Rain
-Uncharted 1,2 &3
-Sleeping Dogs
-Saints Row the third
-Dead Space 2

Game reviews coming soon!

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