Monday, March 30, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 5 | finale & whole season review + spoilers

Season 5: 16 episodes
Premiered: October 12, 2014
Concluded: March 29, 2015
Episode duration: 45 minutes
Finale: 90 minutes

My thoughts:

To be honest the whole time I'm watching the finale I constantly fear that someone from Rick's Group either Glenn or Daryl would die why did I thought of that? Well someone from the Alexandria's Camp hates Glenn since the last mission as for Daryl well he's out there once again hunting,recruiting people I know they're strong it's just that I'm so worried so many people around the interwebs are saying/speculating Glenn's gonna be next or in the blah blah blah comics this is this and that although if some of you may or may not know the comics is quite different from the tv series but still ya know you can never can tell haha!

I for one haven't gotten over volume I of the comics so I only know a few mostly the beginning.I'm actually a bit hesitant about watching this series since there's zombies involve and I'm quite a scaredy cat when it comes to that til one day I decided to desensitize myself to finally get over it! I'm really glad how things turned up in the end.

Spoiler Alert!

What I love in the Finale is Rick's old friend Morgan found Daryl and rescued them it seems he regained his sanity again their reunion of course was a bit shocking I guess and it's like the other way around since we last saw them get together.Oh the cliffhanger of it all ugh must wait til season 6 to find out what happens next -_-

I found a very detailed recap around the interwebs here read all about it.Thanks sleepy eye herald-dispatch for that very spot on post.

As for the entire season I gotta say overall everything came nicely together especially in the end there's lots of unexpected twist and each episode title makes sense to me now.This kept me on the edge of my seat every single time and it seems that I tend to cry every season whether in joy or sorrow. I hope everything turns out well and for the best of season 6.

My season 6 expectations/speculations would be of course Morgan (Rick's Old Friend) they would catch up,what happened til they last met,how he found him stuff like that. Alexandria vs. The Wolves.The Alexandrians would learn how to defend themselves,survive and thrive some of them might die.Hopefully by the end of it all Alexandria would survive all attacks and still be left standing. Watch out for Sasha and Father Gabriel due to their suicidal thoughts they might lose it next season or regain some sanity for the sake of it all #survivorsguilt

There's an upcoming Los Angeles spin off of this series.

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