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She was pretty | Korean Drama Review

Characters: Top Left: Hwang Jung-Eum as Kim Hye-Jin Top Right: Choi Si-Won as Kim Shin-Hyuk
Lower Left Ji Sung-Joon as Park Seo-Joon Lower Right : Koh Joon-Hee Min Ha-Ri

Information Source: Asianwiki
Revised romanization: Geunyeoneun Yeppeodda
Hangul: 그녀는 예뻤다
Director: Jung Dae-Yoon
Writer: Jo Sung-Hee
Network: MBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: September 16 - November 11, 2015
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

About she was pretty:

When Sung-Joon (Park Seo-Joon) was young, he was ugly and fat. He also didn't have any friends, but popular and pretty Hye-Jin (Hwang Jung-Eum) became his friend. She gave him comfort on rainy days when Sung-Jung feels traumatized. They held a special connection with each other, but Sung-Joon and his father moved to the United States. 15 years later, Sung-Joon returns to South Korea. He and Hye-Jin are set to meet again for the first time in many years, but Hye-Jin is unable to show herself in front of Sung-Joon who is looking for her. Both of their appearances have completely changed. Sung-Joon is now handsome and perfect in his appearance, while Hye-Jin looks nothing like her former pretty self. Hye-Jin is also unemployed and looking for a job.

Hye-Jin then asks her best friend Ha-Ri (Koh Joon-Hee) for help. Ha-Ri is to pretend she is Hye-Jin and go meet Sung-Joon. At their meeting, Ha-Ra pretends to be Hye-Jin and tells Sung-Joon that she is leaving for England the next day to study.

Later, Hye-Jin, as an intern at a fashion magazine, meets Sung-Joon who is an editor at the fashion magazine.

My Thoughts:

I watched this with english subtitles of course haha each episode runs for 60 minutes or so. My favorite character is Choi Siwon as Kim Shin-Hyuk that crazy reporter guy haha! I love his personality on this one so fun and spontaneous unlike his serious character from skip beat this one is very  refreshing! 

I really appreciate the flashbacks when they were young...

Seo Joon and Hye Jin (kid version) they're so cute! this is a very touching,cute and heartfelt moment.

I also love this scene she's like so immersed looking at the sky while he was just so at awe and admiring her and usually do a lot of crazy faces..such a funny romantic guy!

Kim Hye Jin Makeover! I waited for this to happen for a very long time and I personally like her crazy hair freckled face over this one haha

Choi Siwon Fan Service :OMG! and I love this scene I think it's so funny actually he just pops up in Seo Joon's house whenever he feels like it,borrow his underwear,take a bath and eat :))

My heart goes to Siwon I just love him so much! he likes & love hye jin whether she's ugly or pretty he doesn't really care about the superficial stuff and he's so much fun to be with! if only they met when they were little aww...and I actually gotten some spoilers from my Godma and friends about this series I figured the last bit but for the mysterious anonymous writer TEN I didn't know I thought it was the guy being interviewed for an article but the big reveal of that part was actually pretty spectacular!

The ending was cute! it's a go! haha you know what I mean if ever you already watched it xD

Overall... I really want to ship Kim Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk (Siwon) plus it was weird when Sung Joon didn't notice instantaneously how Hye Jin's face shrunk I mean Ha-Ri got a really small face! and comparing even to the young Hye Jin with hers I mean common! Oh! he got high expectations for Hye Jin being pretty awesome and all he just didn't know a lot about her family (genes) and all...what else? Oh yeah I got stuck around episode 13 because it was so cheesy and it was just too much for me like before he ignores and doesn't care about her and now they're acting like OMG! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU! ugh it was exhausting to watch! although going through episodes 1-12 was a breeze it was just 13 took me a month to hurdle. My Rating would be four out of five stars (4/5) I really liked this series I thoroughly enjoyed it even more due to Siwon's character haha!

PLUS! I love this song from their OST

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