Monday, November 30, 2015

How I cleanse my face

Just to let you know I have dry to normal,sensitive skin with a slight tendency of pimples/acne around my jaw area and sometimes on my cheeks and forehead. Dry areas usually on my cheeks.

When I'm really sleepy, tired and lazy to take my makeup off I usually just use some Makeup Remover Towelettes these two are my favorite ones (Ponds and Simple) it doesn't irritate my face and it's very gentle,smooth and gets rid of all my makeup.I feel so clean and refreshed afterwards. I usually buy them at walmart I think they're much more affordable over there.

*Side note: this is my attempt to do a double cleanse routine*

Now if I'm really really up for it and if ever I have some waterproof makeup like mascara or eyeliners on I use Jojoba Oil as a cleansing oil it's very safe and effective for me to get rid of the makeup that's really hard to come off (even if I used a towelette in the first place) and then I wash my face with water then use a dry paper towel or simply just use a wet papertowel.
bought this at amazon 

I mainly use this jojoba oil for cleansing although it has so many uses since it tends to break me out around my face if I use it as a moisturizer.

And then cleansing foam I have two at the moment to thoroughly cleanse my face!

Missha Citron Cleansing foam (day time)

This one I bought at koreadepart it has a nice citrus scent,refreshing but it can be a bit tight and drying afterwards.

St. Ives Green tea scrub (night time)

Clears blackheads and calms redness.
Oil-free salicylic acne medication.
100% natural exfoliants.
Sulfate free and paraben free.
Hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and non-comedogenic.

I think this is a new product they just released I'm not sure but it's a new product to me I bought mine at walmart but you can also purchase it from amazon. At first I only tried to use it on my nose to see if it will get rid of my blackheads,massage it in for a couple of minutes with my fingers then washed off with water... it somewhat blackheads are less visible,my nose a little bit clear and the next day the blackheads aren't as bad as before but they're not at all gone either but when I used my cleansing brush during my next attempt it definitely helped and made a whole lot of difference! my nose is much more cleaner,blackheads almost gone!

I also bought this one at amazon it's super soft,gentle on the skin and affordable too!

I think as an anti acne and exfoliating cleansing foam it works better since it does contain salicylic acne medication so I used it all over my face the following night.A little bit goes a long way,a bit grainy (mayhaps due to the green tea) it's also very gentle on the skin, after washing it off with water my skin felt soft and not dry I guess the 100% natural exfoliants works. The smell is actually very clean and fresh the matcha(green tea) plus the salicylic is quite a good match with each other.

Overall I highly recommend all these products!


  1. Hi, Kim! That's great getting to know your skincare routine. I believe I might have the same skin type as you but due to my face being very sensitive I skip out on facial scrubs. I find that they are very drying for one's face. If you find a good cleanser they do enough as it is. Personally I recommend using lower strength benzoyl peroxide cleansers like 3% once every 2 days or just using them as spot treatments to tame possible breakouts. Other than that, a good face moisturizer. I say moisturizer because oils are sure to cause anyone who is acne prone to break out.
    P.S. Yes! I'm going to buy that facial scrub. I totally need one and the price is great too.

    1. Thank you! I think you'll like St. Ives green tea scrub it's gentle and I love the ingredients list. If you buy it at walmart at the travel size essentials aisle it's $1 for the mini 28 grams version.Anyway,my cousin and mom got very sensitive skin they say Cetaphil is nice have you ever tried that brand? I hope everything works out for you ^^

    2. You don't say. No. I haven't tried them and sorry I probably wont. I meant I would get the brush. Sorry about the mix up. Might have worded it wrong since technically a brush like that is still scrubbing your face. Thanks! I hope so too.

    3. Oh I see haha that's ok yeah the brush is so soft like bunny soft it's good for the price.