Monday, July 27, 2015

Real Neat Blog Award!

Hello everyone! finally another post pwahaha! as I tried to update my blogs and check everyone's post(s) as well I just recently noticed/read Josephine's nomination huzzah! thank you so much! this is really nice and such a humbling experience ever since I started blogging about books that now expanded to everything else I liked to talk about wow! feels so surreal!anyway,

Before I proceed to answering Josephines’s questions, here are the prerequisites of this award:

~Put the award logo on your blog.
~Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.
~Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
~Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.
~Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog, etc.)

On with the questions: (She knows there should only be seven but I'd like to answer all of her queries as much as possible haha)

~What is your favorite genre?
         Mystery-crime and fantasy books! I love reading them for some reason I'd like to know different side of things.

~What is your earliest memory on reading? 
         At School, the most memorable would be around Second Grade, my class would go to the school library once in a while and we'd explore, try to check things out then one day half of the school grounds burned down due to electrical wiring failures or at least that's what grown ups said that time but some people thought that someone tried to burn the entire school but didn't quite succeed doing so the flames first engulfed the library and spread from there so sad! up to this day I think it's still in ruins but the school is still open and running though.

~How old were you when you started reading for pleasure?
          Around 8 years old I think then it went on and off sometime in highschool since I'd like to maximize my tuition fee and then finally around 2011 it became somewhat like a regular thing .

~What is your favorite book of all-time?
           Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman that book lingers somewhere around my brain up to this very day  and the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling since it's like the first book series I ever finished and rooted for a very long time!

~What makes you read a book?
           Mostly when I'm bored or when my favorite show/movie is still in development and I'd like to know what happened ahead of time.

~Do you read MM fiction? If yes, what made you decide to read one? If not, would you try reading one?
           No not really, I'd like to give it a try though if ever you guys have any good recommendations. 

~Who is your favorite author and why?
           Hands down to Neil Gaiman and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle! I love their stories and writing style.

~Do you read books with tragic endings? Why or why not.
           Yes, most of the time I'm clueless as I'd like to surprise myself once in a while haha!

~Ebooks or printed?
           I like both since ebooks are convenient to have then again I love printed ones due to the fact that I can hold it in my hands,smell the pages and that books are sharks or so Neil told in a story once.

~Favorite rereads?
           Mostly Manga/Graphic Novels.

~Do you read memoirs?
            Sometimes usually required by the school haha

~Standalone or series? Why?
            I love standalone then again part of me likes series so I could continue the adventures where I left off although it can be quite costly and tedious sometimes ugh -_-

*Link to Josephine's blog

I nominate: 
Gregglies Read

My questions for you guys are:

1. Who is you favorite author and why?
2. What's your all time favorite book?
3. Standalone or Series?
4. Favorite book genre to read?
5. If you could hangout with any author for a day who would it be, what would you guys do and why?
6. What book would you bury in the cemetery of forgotten books and why?
7. Any book recommendations?

Feel free to also answer some if not all Josephine's questions too if you like


  1. Yay! Thanks for answering my questions, I loved reading your answers! <3 I feel sad though, about your school's library. Saan ka nag-aral ng grade 2? I hope napalitan 'yung library na 'yun. Natuwa ako kasi dinadala kayo ng teacher ninyo sa lib. No one's done that to us.

    MM recommendations! <3 I'd love to recommend Josh Lanyon's contemporary short story Perfect Day. I'm recommending it because it is short and well, you won't have to endure a long book you didn't like his writing style. If however, you find you do like it, you can read Josh's Holmes and Moriarity series (it is mystery-crime and I see you love Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!). I love this series because it's funny. hah.

    Oh, better yet, you download a sample of the first in the series Somebody Killed His Editor (Holmes & Moriarity, #1) from Amazon so you'll get to check his writing and see firsthand if it suits your taste or not. <3

    If you'd rather start with a standalone msytery-crime, the most recommended out of Josh's works are The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks and Come Unto These Yellow Sands :D

    Here is his Amazon profile:

    1. Thank you so much! I'll try to check them out asap I think I've seen some of those Sherlock stories spin offs in store pero medyo nagalangan pa ko kasi di ko pa tapos yung buong libro ni Doyle haha

      Sa may St. Benedict sa Pagasa Cavite area nangyari yun noon 1996-1997 ata ewan ko lang kung napalitan na or what matagal na din akong di nakakapunta don.

  2. Taga-Cavite ka rin pala. Malapit kami sa Island Cove. Pero sa US ka pa rin ngayon? Kailan kayo lumipat dyan?

    Haha, excited naman daw ako. Wala lang, try mo lang basahin 'yung sample sa Amazon :D Hope you'll like it <3 Excited to hear what you think.

  3. Thank you so much for nominating me! I love mystery-crime books, too. I like the suspense and feeling surprised at the end :). I think I would reread a graphic novel as well since they're short and filled with pictures.