Monday, February 1, 2016

Beauty products on my Wishlist part 1

There are a lot of items on my wishlist and skincare products are always good to have good skin = less makeup = more beautiful you! ^_^v

The moment I saw this set I'd like to try and buy it although I'm still a bit hesitant due to the price then again this is actually considered a "high end" product and I feel like it's worth it for the price it has a lot of sample/travel size included which is nice and I read/heard good things about this brand/product so yeah looking forward to give this a shot since I might be sensitive to fermented products they say this one isn't fermented at all and it's really good and hydrating for the skin.

A lot of people online seems to rave about this product saying it's their holy grail I might mayhaps give it a go since it's quite affordable once my other cleansing foams are out I'm gonna buy this one ^^

This is actually a recommendation from Joan Keem It's available all year round! and she says it's good, great for dry skin and I trust her reviews please check out her channel and don't forget to subscribe!

A lot of people seems to have tried this one except me #FOMO (Fear of missing out) unless you are unfamiliar with it like myself haha high five! anyway I like mineral powders then again when you have dry skin like mine it's kinda hard to work with but they say this one is really good and doesn't patch up like others so I'm willing to try this one once I ran out of primers.

I just want to buy this one because the design it reminds of the sims game plumbob haha that's it!  first saw it at Morgan's beauty breakdown 

How about you? what's on your wishlist? ^_^

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