Monday, February 15, 2016

Beauty Products on my Wishlist Part 2

Vitamin C Serum-lots of benefits and quite affordable!

Oh amazon you never fail to amuse me!

I actually bought these mask sheets not too long ago but anyway I still included it on this list since they are really convenient,always good to have and useful all throughout the year! (any brand really I'd like to try them all haha so far I tried Pure Smile (Japan), Tony Moly, Nature Republic & It's Skin I recommend them) ^_^v

I saw this in the recommendation list of some news anchor in south korea who also made youtube videos. I find it very interesting!

I think this snail essence will work out for me quite well since I didn't have any skin reaction with their snail mask and it's quite gentle I think than fermented ones

I feel like this product has been in everyone's "holy grail" or must have list and I'd like to check it out for myself I mean I do like green tea and green tea related products so yeah...

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