Sunday, November 19, 2017

Skinfactory Volcanic ash 3d mask

Monday, November 13, 2017

Holiday wishlist Part 2

Ok so my list changes from time to time this time around its a mixture of beauty and random things I think I need or want in my collection but not necessarily but like ya know if anyone will give them to me as a gift this holiday season I'd be happy to receive it :)))

*Not affliated links

Jouer metallic lip set

I got a good feeling I might keel this box for a certain period of time.This packaging screams holiday!

Very gorgeous lip shades! some a bit light for my liking I think but they might be good as lip toppers I reckon.

Unfortunately it's SOLD OUT! for now but might be on soon...get on the wait list like I am lol :)))

a fountain pen

coz I forgot to buy this at yesstyle and got only the ink instead! plus the pic for the ink was very misleading! I thought the pen comes with the ink ugh -_-

or any fountain pen really...I just want something to practice my calligraphy lel :))

a blackhead remover tool

I know you're not suppose to pick on pimples or blackheads etc. but this tool would make it more sanitary or cleaner I think.Then again you need to really know what you are doing or else you are simply damaging your skin foreals foreals.This looks painful then again I want clean pores xD

depotting spatula

If you watch beauty news youtube channel destroying and depotting makeup seems really fun! then again I don't think I'd ever do that but blending different colors seems like a nice experiment lol :))))

wax stamping kit

This cost about $13 on yesstyle compare to other stores I went to that's like $20-30 plus then again I have to pay for shipping online doe...sooo meh -_-

Steadler pens

I think this been on my list the longest...I have yet to buy and experience these then again I'm always like..well you still have to maximize your usage on your sharpie pens lol I talk myself out a lot on purchases can you tell? :)))