Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The lying game by Sara Shepard book review

DIY Shirts


Been awhile since I composed a proper blog post. This is about recording and showing you the process of how I made shirts for my squad this upcoming LA trip in May. WOOHOO! It all started with an idea around April 6, 2018 I bought some speedball fabric paint at amazon which arrived looking like this:

The seller was kind enough to refund me for two containers that didn't have a seal and I'm still quite sad about what happened to the blue paint. I only have bits of it left. So I went to Michaels and check if they sell any blue paint in retail price but unfortunately they don't only white and black and then just small sets of just like the paints I bought. But I recently learned on youtube that I can just buy a fabric medium then add acrylic paints so hopefully that would solve any problems I have in the future. I'd let that thought sizzle a bit here's a video clip of that.

Also learned from Charli Marie TV about the Photo Emulsion method she's very informative about the whole process. I will give it a shot after my cali trip.It seems like a tedious process hopefully it would work for me since this is my first time to do so.

I really don't know how it all started like my make my own merch and shirt obsession but I did have a couple more inspirations like Frannerd when she did her own tshirt challenge.

I feel like I made a really bold move and dedication to this new project/obsession of mine.I really love creating things and make it in real life myself. To break down and learn more about the process it's so exciting! fun! and yeah a little bit of pressure haha! I tried to be thoughtful of my designs, drawing it out and creating my own stencils stuff like that although sometimes what I have in mind doesn't reflect that well on paper #itried it's a thought/ rough draft at least I'm able to jot some of the important things down. Some designs are sketched and born faster than others while I like to let it sizzle a bit and be extra thoughtful. Look at it with fresh eyes next time around.

For my #NoShame shirt at first I wanted to create a hashtag then later realized how hard it is to cut the stencil without destroying the entire thing and it just didn't translate well without any silkscreen during the experimental phase. Although I'm aware of other people's process I still wanna venture on my own and what it's like in my own terms so anyway, #TriggerWarning since the next image might be disturbing to some.

I tried to be careful with the hashtag,O and A make sure I put some line to support them unfortunately without the silkscreen it was a FAIL! I wasn't able to press/stretch it well enough so the fabric paint ended up mixed with the next letter  or way out of line. #itried

These two I decided to just go on ahead and not bother with the O and A just cut it all out completely! haha! my dad was triggered and totally bothered about this he was like "what kind of design or letter is this without the inner circle in the O and no inner triangle with the A?!" coz he thought this was the shirt I'm gonna make for our Orlando trip haha! that was fun to watch he criticizing and break this project apart :)))) I simply told him nicely "I like it,I'd go with it,defo wear it and this tshirt is not for you but my friends and I.This is not for the Orlando trip :)))" so yeah you definitely need to be #NOSHAME all the way in order for you to wear this ^_~

Speaking of Orlando trip which will happen in the last week of May, I brainstormed a couple of ideas one of which is what you'll see down below:

Paper Stencil

Since I live in Florida the Sunshine State I just thought to myself why not dedicate one for this project also once I'd able to do so we don't have to worry about not finding any tshirt to give away as souvenirs to guest that visits us here. OH YEAH! the sun was I vector I found that kinda looks like the Philippines Sun. I downloaded some fonts which actually really look like the ones that I envisioned in my head.Since I'm not that skilled yet to create my own font I have still yet to find my own style. I really liked how this turned out. I still have to put some flourishes maybe and I really hope this one comes out nicely on screen and shirt.

So yeah wish me luck and lemme know what you up to lately?