Monday, February 22, 2016

To Splurge or not to splurge? Beauty products on my wishlist part 3

These products I'm about to show you I feel like they're such splurge items for me because I think I can find and actually tried a much cheaper alternative than these but still feel like I'd like to try them anyway just one time for the sake of experience haha and of course if ever I have any spare cash :))

This brand offers the best of the best! their formulation is actually gear towards the older demographic who can afford to spend a little bit more on skincare and beauty products. Rest assured the quality is top notch!

According to amazon this Product:

Korea No.1 Cleansing Cream
sherbet cleanser.
papaya extract which gives a complete removal of make-up

A lot of people are actually raving about this cleanser and I feel like Banilla co. products are so expensive! but they say the quality is really good but still! for that amount of product in that price I still feel it's ridiculous hopefully I'd stumble upon a sale so who knows :))

This is the first rose water I heard about but never paid too much attention about it and after hearing about it multiple times I just have to search what it's all about! so as you might have already guessed it it's a toner (balances skin ph),removes extra dirt that didn't come off your cleanser and you can actually also use this as a face mask as well just soak your cotton pads and apply it all over your face then viola! instant moisturization!

I actually saw a bunch of sleeping masks in honey version from different brands in amazon  and I'm still not sure what to feel about honey type of products since most of the time I feel like they're too sticky to my liking and breaks me out sometimes now hopefully if ever I did purchase this product it won't fail on me haha the packaging is also nice as well.

JoanKeem actually talked about this product on her channel please watch this video

the packaging looks nice!it really seems so appealing but :OMG! it's so expensive 

I saw this on amazon's frequently bought together items and I actually heard of the brand 
They say it's for all skin types but there's another product like this for oily and acne prone skin please read this product review I saw online for more information 

I saw this in Claire's haul from London and it looks so pretty when she swatched it I don't really use blush that much but I like apricot and peach sort of things so yeah still thinkin bout it since it's not that affordable online maybe when I go to the other side of the pond maybe...

When contouring wasn't a thing way back in the day my Godma used to do it on my nose and face and these days everyone's contouring almost everything! it just blew up like crazy anyway I'm not really into contouring since I don't really like putting too much powder on my face due to my dry skin but you know there are times I'd really like to try and take my look to another around it. I really like the packaging. I also watched and read a bunch of reviews about it so yeah...not sure when I'll jump into it maybe one of these days? haha

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