Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Online Window Shopping: Tarte Products on my Wishlist part 5

Let's go gaga over these beautifully packaged products from tarte haha!  whether it's online or offline I just love window shopping don't you? anyway here are the products I'm eyeing and kinda obsessed about haha!


If ever I haven't bought the Lorac Unzipped palette I would have gave these palettes a shot I like their concept and color themes although I feel like my Lorac unzipped got it all in  terms of shades that I absolutely love and like while Tarte got these gorgeous compact packaging and their round clay palette showstopper and after dark got basically what I need on the go (bronzer,highlight(contour) and shadows) which seems pretty good for the price and they all seem more travel friendly.


They say Tarte make good blushes and I feel like they're highlights and bronzer looks nice as well they all seem pretty laid out and marketing wise looks great!

Well there you have it! a lil summary:

Compact & Travel friendly
good pigmentation(as far as PR,online reviews goes)
beautiful design/packaging

Pricey (expensive)

well so far that's all I could think off haha!

anyway I hope you enjoy reading my wishlist post(s) portion. thanks for dropping by and hope to see you again!


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