Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Urban Decay: Urban Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette

Watch my swatch video here

Information Source: Sephora Website

This is a limited-edition eye shadow palette with a spectrum of 15 shades from Urban Decay's iconic Eyeshadow. Formulated without Paragons. Although it's limited edition there are some shades here that you can totally find in other UD palette as well the "classic" ones I guess.

The palette comes in a stunning, collectible black case with a smoky gray, faceted “UD” jewel and laser-cut, filigreed edges. The detachable lid houses a full-size mirror and stands up on its own—perfect for on-the-go touchups. Once you’re done with the shadows, remove the tray and use the velvet-lined box to stash jewelry and other mementos.  I love this design! 

 This set contains: 
- 15 x 0.05 oz Eye shadow (full UD eyeshadow pan sizes,according to many you tubers,bloggers out there also I checked UD website for a single eyeshadow you have to pay $21 like whoa! ) 

So with this set I truly feel like it's such a total bargain! plus since I guess they reach their sale quota and this was released last year you know and fall 2016 also christmas! so near yet so far is almost  upon us maybe that's why it was on sale for $29 (Truly Christmas in July haha)

Swatches without any primer on!

 (Left to Right) Protest (golden forest green shimmer), Junkie (green teal shimmer), Deep End (bright teal shimmer), Madness (bright metallic blue shimmer with micro-glitter), Evidence (deep navy blue shimmer), Prank (deep navy matte with turquoise pearl), Omen (bright metallic purple with blue shift), Flashback (bright deep purple with pink sparkle), Voodoo (metallic purple shimmer with micro-glitter)

(Left to Right) Flatline (metallic pale pink), Bordello (pale mauve shimmer with micro-glitter), Backlash (bright pink with orange pearl), Daybreak (soft bronze with silver glitter), Burn (medium golden brown shimmer), West (medium golden brown shimmer) 

Some shades like the light ones example Omen,Bordello,Flatline I have to apply 2-3 times for it to show here in my forearm swatch but overall they're all very pigmented once applied on the eyelids with or without primer on and truly a little bit goes a long way. Minimal fallout,soft but not too soft eyeshadows and I love the shimmer aspect most of all that's why I bought it plus I don't currently own any teal,blue,green,violet and pink eyeshadows before this so yeah this is my very first Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette. Its like these colors spoke to me more unlike any other UD palette you know how the other palette seems a bit overwhelming since there's a lot of shades I dunno which color to match and stuff like that but with this it was like YAS! pop of color! oh summer! Ohhh endless shimmer life!

The colors I do own in my other palettes however and might actually be a dupe for flatline,daybreak,bordello,burn and west since I feel like most eyeshadow palettes out there almost always have a neutral color (I think I can get these looks using my Lorac Unzipped since it has that rose gold and brown hues). Anyway, for the price $29 (on sale) its like I only paid $2 or so for each pan that's just cray! and once opened it lasts for 2 years nice!  truly patience is a virtue ;)

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