Friday, August 12, 2016

6 Beauty Products on my Wishlist part 6

Makeup Revolution Cappuccino Eyeshadow Collection (if you love browns you'll definitely want this)

Description: Five of our favourite individual eyeshadows in one limited edition collection*. Experiment with colour, be The Revolution.

Contains 5x 3.3g eyeshadows.

Makeup Revolution is one of those massive affordable drugstore brands I wanna get into they have a ton of dupes for every high end product imaginable! hopefully I'd get to check them out soon!

Freedom System HD Sculpting Powder

I feel like this is a splurge for me but it sorta reminds me of a kevyn aucoin one mayhaps because of its name but anyway I'll try to look for this in the mall to swatch and find out what the fuss is about they also have eyeshadows!

first heard about it from Steph at COCOCHIC watch her video for more info. below. What I like about this lipstick collection is that its a set and it sorta reminds me of wet and wild ones only with better packaging and hopefully better quality 

These Freedom Galaxy Lipsticks tho...OMG those colors they seem out of this world haha!
Sleek MakeUp Face Form (373 Light)

Sleek is such an affordable UK brand OMG! seriously I wanna hoard and try them all haha I think they also ship in the USA if not you could always get them via amazon.

Sleek Makeup - Blush By 3 Palette (367- Lace)

Size: 0.19 oz

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured- Opal (a lot of people seems to like this shade also moonstone, a little bit goes a long way!)

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