Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Makeover Essentials? Meh not really -_- | 1st Impressions/Overview

I've always wanted to try and buy off things via Hautelook a lot of people seems to rave about them online so anyway this one is one of my first purchases on their website and there are more coming hopefully on their way by now...Let's take a look at this one

But the packaging doesn't look or scream like Vanity Planet to me D:

But hey they look alike from the picture inside right? hmm...
it contains:
5 eyeshadows
4 blushes
5 lip glosses
3 applicators

expires in 12 months once opened
cruelty free
made in china
ophthalmologist tested
it does contain mineral oil

this is what it looks like detached

yup these 2 transparent lid just came off :/

 All 5 shadows without primer (finger swatch)

 All 4 blushes without primer (finger swatch)

All 5 lip glosses.You can't really see it they're more like shiny and there are no difference color wise when I swatched it in my fingers and lips these are by far the most disappointing product in this palette. And it tastes like plastic ugh SO SAD!

All 5 eyeshadows with primer swatched using a makeup brush

look at that powder kickoff oh boy!

all 4 blushes with primer swatched using a makeup brush

they look way more pigmented with primer on seriously!

I tried to do a brush swatch again of all the eyeshadows and blushes but without primer they are way less pigmented so definitely use a primer with this one.

I like the premise of this product the On the go detachable customizable palette,the clear lid but overall it's a hit and miss especially the lip glosses so I'll try to make it work somehow and mayhaps recycle the packaging like maybe remove the glosses and just replace them with other product(s) I'd like to depot or something.Lesson Learned more research before buying things online haha!

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