Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mind the gap

As I lay into bed
A lot of stuff going through inside my head
You suddenly popped up
I wonder how you been?
Are you also thinkin bout me just the same?

I can't get you outta my mind
It's crazy every single time
Why don't we hangout once in a while

Whenever I see you I get this fluffy feeling
I find it very intriguing
Dunno how it exactly happened
But it did
Sorry I wasn't paying that much attention before

As you walk along the corridor
I wonder whether you are looking at me or thru me?
Quite hard to tell through your poker face

Hard to believe but by now I haven't seen you in ages
Do you miss me?
As I miss you?
I've always wondered what's going in your head
Mayhaps I'll just ask you next time...

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