Monday, May 16, 2016

Signal Korean Tv series Review

Plot (source: asianwiki)

Hae-Young (Lee Je-Hoon) works as a criminal profiler and is also a police lieutenant. Even though he is a cop, he doesn't trust cops due to his own past experience. Back in 2000, when Hae-Young was in elementary school, his classmate Yoon-Jung was kidnapped and later found dead. Hae-Young saw a woman taking Yoon-Jung from school that day, but the police announced that the suspect was a man. Hae-Young even went to the police station and told the police officers that he saw the kidnapper and she was a woman. The police officers though didn't pay attention to him. The killer was never caught and her case remains unsolved to this day.

Hae-Young meets a reporter at a cafe to reveal bombshells about a celebrity scandal. Meanwhile, veteran detective Soo-Hyun (Kim Hye-Soo) is at the cafe staking out the meeting, unaware that Hae-Young is a cop. She arrests Soo-Hyun for stalking celebrities. While leaving the police station (the same police station he went to as a kid), Hae-Young hears someone talking to him. He looks around to find a walkie-talkie. The man who is talking to Hae-Young is Detective Jae-Han (Cho Jin-Woong). The detective though is from the year 2000 and he is investigating the disappearance of Hae-Young's elementary school classmate. Hae-Young and Detective Jae-Han begin to communicate via the walkie-talkie.

My thoughts:

I like the concept of this show it made me wonder how will it all end and if they can really change people's destiny. This unexplainable phenomena was crazy to begin with combined with the crime fighting and cold case squad this show was awesome!
Although there are some things that is a bit out of the time frame (technology wise) Lee Jae Han being able to use google mail in the year 2000. Google mail was I think introduce and made available to a few number of people in 2010 I remember signing up for that one and it took weeks to get in along with google+.

Spoiler alert!

There was a certain character who died after being sedated then lacerated in his wrist..I feel like even back then people can reverse that give him an antidote for whatever drug that was given to the victim(since they did a blood draw earlier),do a blood bag,disinfect then wrap the wrist.That's a fast quick solution and nobody needs to die.Oh and stab wound on the lower left quadrant of the abdomen there's no major organ there yosquad yes but with a certain amount of pressure,call an ambulance and get treated quickly you'll live but I guess they just want it to be overly dramatic Oh well...

The ending was still bittersweet will they be able to see him? Or will they be too late? I was left quite hangin in the moment there haha Overall 4.5 out of 5 stars so many things changed yet the 3 of them remembered.. what exactly are the rules of this aren't exactly explained.As strange as this show sounds it was thrilling and fun to watch especially solving a case and profiling. They are legit #squadgoals haha

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