Saturday, May 7, 2016

Free Comic Book Day 2016 (FCBD)


I like free comic book day it exposes me to a lot of things,people and places.The first store I visited gave away 10 pieces last year but due to large crowd and high demand this event draws in they had to limit it to 6 pieces this year they did some random raffle draws all throughout the day I didn't win any free poster this time around but I did manage to get a lot of fun stuff. Lots of kids and some cosplayers.Watch the video above to see what I got ^_^

The second store I went to they're doing some card games & karaoke. Not a lot of people compare to the first one (approximately 30 people inside when I got there) only a few free comics remaining mostly previews mayhaps a lot of people visited earlier in the morning anyway, they have a lot of pop figures,board and card games.I got some comics over there as well that I didn't see in the first one and they're a bit more on the pricier side.I noticed they a more organized/sorted collection (tabs all over) and surprisingly a much larger space it was my first time there.

Overall experience this is my kind of fun scavenger kind of madness. I love buying affordable comics,supporting book shops and getting freebies(who doesn't right?)

Visit Free Comic Book Day Website for more info!

Did you participate this year? tell me in the comment section below what you got.


  1. Uh! I wanted so bad to participate in this event yesterday May 7 but unfortunately where I live they don't have that many comic bookstores. Kind of sad since I even saw this trending on Twitter.

    That's great you could do it, Kim. I bet it was great.

    Cassandra @ Book & Movie Dimension a Blog

    1. Sorry for the late reply anyway, that was my dilemma before I'm glad some comic bookstores finally offered such opportunity near me although still a bit far away like 1 hour which isn't that bad considering I like the adventure aspect of it haha! I waited in line for 40 mins or so since the store was a bit small I usually read an ebook as I wait or people watch then once inside after getting the freebies I love Scavenging from the unsorted pile of old comics that was my favorite part truly a blast! I hope you could experience such a rush over at your area soon enough! thanks for dropping by your thoughtful comment was truly appreciated! XOXO


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