Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Evening Skincare Routine!

Note: I got dry to normal skin,dry areas usually on my cheeks and quite acne prone around the jaw line.

I'm currently using two toners to alternate in this video I only used the Secret Key Witch Hazel Pore Clear which I bought at Memebox when they had a sale ($10). I first got curious about witch hazel when a korean tv reporter shared her holy grail items a long time ago...she was using Thayer's Witch hazel that time but anyway I gave the Secret key a shot while reserving my Thayer's for later haha!

The Benton Skincare Line is actually pretty good! I bought it from memebox once again due to their sale ($30 for all of it!) comparing that price to amazon and other websites which sells them in the staggering retail price of $15 each! wow!

So let me explain why I used another "toner" again which is actually called Skin in the benton line. The first one, the witch hazel I use to cleanse while I let the benton do some additional hydration not that the witch hazel is drying or not enough or anything I just want more added moisture.

If you watched my video you'll see I used a lot of products to layer and tap for moisture absorption that's how they do it in korean skincare regimen haha so far I managed to stick with this one for a couple of months now. The benton line is especially good for the winter and spring it's hydrating! especially for my dry skin.

I recently incorporated the Nature Republic aloe soothing gel as a sleeping mask as it gives a nice flawless finish especially the following morning when I wash it all off OMG!

I'm actually almost done with the Benton Steam Cream and so I will switch it up with another cream I haven't decided yet...also I might add another sleeping pack to the mix to alternate with the aloe (that's like my last tub ugh I need to buy more haha)

That's basically it for now.

Thanks for dropping by!


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