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Producer | Korean Drama Review

Title: 프로듀사 / Peurodyusa
Also known as: The Producers
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2015-May-15 to 2015-Jun-20
Air time: Friday & Saturday 21:15
Original Soundtrack: Producer OST


A cheeky workplace romantic comedy, The Producers centers around, aptly, the producers working in KBS's variety department, featuring a bevy of cameo appearances from stars and a cascade of tongue-in-cheek references to showbiz, celebrities, and industry practices. Kim Soo Hyun continues his hot streak of hit projects as the bumbling rookie producer who's book-smart and street-stupid, while Cha Tae Hyun is his jaded veteran PD sunbae. Gong Hyo Jin plays a veteran PD whose prickly outer shell hides a softer inner marshmallow, and IU rounds out the cast as the haughty Kpop superstar. Shows are produced, mistakes are made, and people fall in love multiple times over.

Main Cast
Cha Tae Hyun as Ra Joon Mo (35, 1 Night 2 Day's PD)
Chae Sang Woo as teenage Joon Mo
Gil Jung Woo (길정우) as child Joon Mo
Kim Soo Hyun as Baek Seung Chan (27, KBS Entertainment World newbie PD)
Park Sang Hun as child Seung Chan
Gong Hyo Jin as Tak Ye Jin (35, Music Bank's PD)
Ha Seung Ri as teenage Ye Jin
Lee Ji Won (이지원) as child Ye Jin
IU as Cindy (23, singer/member of Pinky4)
Park Seon as teenage Cindy

My thoughts:

Kim Soo Hyun as Baek Seung Chan he definitely looked the part of an average looking newly hired employee haha! a lot of first moments happened here and it's so cute and adorable! some scenes are so funny that definitely breaks your typical romance and character stereotype.

At first I actually thought they are real producers as they all played their character well until I realized they all look familiar haha and the cameo roles was fantastic! Joon Kook got served! haha!
Oh and the seniority power struggle and drunk scenes I love it!

It's just so sad there's only a few episodes of this series but it's pretty understandable it can only go so long. And I like how I learned the grueling process of it all from getting hired,to casting,producing a show,editing the zombie type of feeling after work oh men! I totally get why you always want to party,eat good food/dinner and drink after all that and just imagine doing it all over again every day aigoo! I Totally salute all the people behind all the shows I've been watching! more power to you guys!

Overall I give this show 5 out of 5 stars for their outstanding performance!

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