Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nyx Creme Matte San Paulo Swatch and Review

Smells like vanilla
Great color pay off
Last a long time (18 months once opened, as for wear time it can  4-6 hours still depends how many times you eat,drink,lick/bite your lips haha)
Travel friendly
Cruelty free

-Lip color on teeth alert!
-Some lip product might transfer to your food (I noticed it when I ate a pork bun)
-Depends on your lip condition since I have dry lips sometimes as the color fades...when I looked into the mirror closely my lips became chapped and I just have to remove all the lip color to remove the lil fragments and then applied some lip balm/creamy lip product.
-Lil container= lil product volume

Natural Sunlight

Indoors, Flourescent Light

after I ate my meal 

the color was almost gone so a touch up after a meal is in order. 

After 4 hours of application (Natural Sunlight)so it looks a lil bit lighter after 4 hours ( Natural Sunlight )

 I love how this product feels on my lips and for the price with 4-5 hours lasting power ain't so bad so overall,  4.5 out of 5 stars first time I fell in love with cream matte product! I think this one is suitable for my needs/dry lips haha I highly recommend it!

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