Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Nature Republic Botanical Garden #2 Berry Pink |Makeup Review

Floral scent (not overpowering,it's very nice and subtle)
Buildable color
Convenient and travel friendly

lip color staying power 2-6 hours (it depends though how much you lick your lips and of course you have to reapply it after a meal)

I can't really think of another Con for this product for it has lovely high quality ingredients even the box proclaims it haha

Natural light

I only swiped one layer on

Indoors, flourescent light

Buildable color! this one got 3 layers on!

I never thought a light pink product would actually suit me haha it actually brightened my face and I look more alive! it's like my lips but healthier you know I LOVE IT! I love Nature Republic products!

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