Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rimmel Provocalips (730 Make your move) Vs Revlon super lustrous lipstick (460 Blushing Mauve) | Comparison #Dupe

Can you tell the difference?

At first I didn't and it took me a couple of months to notice and realized that they're almost the same color!

From the middle picture (wrist swatch)
-they color looked the same! the rimmel just a bit wet but not runny it also seems to have a slight shimmer like the Revlon below but on the lips there's no glitter whatsoever maybe just the light reflection

The Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick (460 Blushing Mauve)
has a more pinky tone color and I love this pearl finish it's not to shiny/shimmery and the formula is creamy and hydrating unlike the Rimmel Provocalips (730 Make your move) which is kinda lipgloss matte and a little bit drying on the lips over time also it is quite sticky!

With my lip swatch I didn't put the top gloss part on the rimmel that came along with it  just so I can see how similar they are on its own.

so the left side of my lips is actually Revlon while the right is Rimmel.From afar there seems to be no difference but when you look upclose you'll notice the slight pink tone on the left side (Revlon) while Rimmel quite shiny/glossy looking and neutral color. Both of them really can pass up as a natural look. With Rimmel though like what I said on my previous review it feels like paint.

So nowadays what I'd like to do with both of these I put the Rimmel first and then afterwards the Revlon so I can utelize both since they're kinda like the same especially when I feel like my lips are getting dry and don't want to put the gloss coz it doesn't really offer much help...I like to put the revlon since lipbalm like eos doesn't really work well with Rimmel paint like texture on the lips haha or sometime I put the Revlon then Rimmel to make it more long lasting either way I love both colors but if I were to pick only one I'd choose Revlon simply because of the finish and formula plus it doesn't make my lips dry although it doesn't last very long probably four hours max. then I have to reapply especially after eating.


They're both affordable and  of course the price varies where you buy them but they only differ slightly like a dollar or a couple of cents away from each other.

There you have it! I hope you find this helpful. Let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions and tell me what you like or hate about this post or what's your favorite lip product and all that jazz also don't forget to follow me on my social media sites so we can keep each other posted! ciao for now ^^

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