Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Thoughts about UnPretty Rapstar Season 2

I searched the interwebs for this show since Kasper from the wish street portion on wishtrend youtube channel mentioned it that she's gonna be there.

also surprised to find out she's a rapper and that I'm actually looking for the wrong title coz I thought at first it was pretty rapstars only to find out there's an UN to it haha anyway this show is focused on female rapstars competition wherein they compete to win music tracks with collaboration from other well known artists in the industry and   the contenders are beautiful but some of them not really on the inside...

The person I'm rooting for is of course Kasper and then as the show goes on my list piled up to Gilme I like her songwriting skills although she tends to forget her lyrics most of the time, Heize she's alright and I actually like the dark version of Yezi when push comes to shove she's so fierce and fearless #crazydog KittiB seems nice.

I don't like Trudy she's gotten a lil airheaded,rude,mean,thinking she's above other rapstars and definitely needs a reality check and Sua I don't like her personality actin like a sly fox and some people fall for her supposedly "cuteness" coz she's young blah blah blah  Oh and Ash B seems like a real bitch don't really like her personality as well which seems really mean and I'm glad she's out pwahaha! 

My overall favorite is still none other than kasper out of all the contestants I always feel she's always for real although it some people think of her as an underdog or weak I believe in her! I like the feel of this show it shows all the mistakes when they're on spot on competition and all that,interviews,what goes on rehearsal etc.

Since there's gonna be a diss battle in Episode 5 I'd like to diss Trudy if I were in there hahaha

Hey Trudy
I feel kinda sorry
Whenever they say
you sound like yoo mi rae
I wonder when you'll step up
hear your true voice
As you say hey!

Hey trudy!
Its gettin kinda windy
My mistake it's just you 
and your cockiness
don't strain your neck
with all that air in your head

*it's more of a rhyming song really I don't have any beats hahaha oh well fighting! Kasper,Gilme,Heize,Yezi and KittiB xD

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