Sunday, March 22, 2015

Paper Towns | Trailer Reaction

        The trailer was released last March 19,2015 (Thursday) release date this summer July 24,2015.

Not so long ago I read the book Paper towns by John Green. There are some parts that I like and love about that book the mystery,adventure,road trip also the revenge part. Ok so for this trailer I think they pretty much incorporated everything I pretty much imagined for the most part I felt kinda iffy about the cast at first but after watching this I think they're quite spot on with the story.

One of the first thing I noticed was Cara Delevingne's  eyebrows her trademark facial feature also her accent I really thought she's american comparing that to Emma Watson's I think she did a great job! Nat Wolff as Q well I gotta hand it to him man I think he nailed it! I already love him as Isaac in the fault and our stars and mayhaps love him even more after this haha! I don't know much about the other cast perhaps I'll learn more who is who and what is what like I said after the film and by that time I'd be able to have a solid conclusion.Overall I'm so freakin excited about this! I hope they deliver the story well I have high expectations as I already feel it's gonna be so good and awesome! xD

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