Monday, January 16, 2017


Hello Everyone!

OMG FINALLY! I opened up my very own Etsy Shop WOOHOO! I've always wondered what its like to open one now I know haha! I'll be selling part time since I like and enjoy doing DIY projects these days so I figure why not open up a shop and see what happens :))

I'm very excited to share my handmade goods to you guys oh yeah I also placed the Etsy Logo on the Right Side Bar if you're on desktop or just click the hyperlink above^

Anyway, I recently added a FOR SALE page up my tabs which also reflects what's on my etsy shop etc. Looking forward to conduct business with you guys.Please share and spread the word it would mean the world to me!

Here's a coupon code: HELLYEAH15 for 15% off with minimum $10 purchase valid til February 15,2017


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