Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Black Friday + tips and tricks

Hey everyone how's it going?

ah such a wonderful day of consumerism haha!

The thing about Black Friday is that it's always fascinating to go and see a lot of people.But I think only of few of those items are actually on sale. I like to shop all throughout the year and I saw the trends and market prices go up and down as people usually do. Now if you live outside the USA let's say somewhere in Europe USD is definitely a lot cheaper!

anyway expect a lot of long lines and wait time and  here are my "tips"

1. Check the internet for online and in store deals

for we live in a day and age where you can almost do everything online and it's usually a lot faster,hassle free than lining up in real life haha.

2. Find the nearest store outlet near you

The outlet price cannot be beat! more savings = more money to spend on other things!

3. Wear comfy shoes and jacket

let's face it you'll be out there walking around and lining up grabbing the best deals you could find for who knows how long, Definitely a good time to gear up!

4. Eat beforehand then Bring some light snack,candy and water

you don't want to pass out and miss all these wonderful experience!

5. Go out there extra early 

now if you've done your homework and truly want to experience the glory of it all.Grab that deal you really really love and been rooting for! don't be ashamed to line up go there extra early coz you never know! some people even camp out. Plus you have more chances to find the best parking spot.

6. Be mindful 

not just of your spendings but of others as well. Don't be that person who caused the stampede,pulling stunts and acting all crazy you watched on tv. If it's for you then that item is for you no matter what happens.

7.The more the merrier

it's always fun to have company around especially if they are giving out some coupons or secret gift card or something in the entrance and ask the store clerks if you can combine the gift cards before the transaction that way you can definitely score some extra savings!


hey don't forget to have fun and enjoy the present moment afterall that's why you are out there! expect long lines and great amount of wait time. Everyone's doing their best out there! ^^

I hope you find these tips helpful/ useful as I'd like to be reminded of these things whenever it's that time of the year again.

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