Friday, July 31, 2015

Sam Smith Concert Experience: The Good & Bad

First I'd like to talk about my before going to the concert experience and expectations then compare it afterwards.

There are times I thought some of Sam Smith's music was that of Justin Timberlake like from the song latch haha and so many other songs I thought was somebody else but was actually sang by him I'm so sorry Sam!

I expect a lot of people of course, hopefully I could find a nice, short walking distance parking with affordable price range (sadly I don't think there's any free parking :/ ), A very soulful, tear jerking heartfelt, heartwarming performance. The merch of course would be hella expensive!I hope there are some signed stuff another thing I hope a really big screen or like multiples of it and not just one of those blurry projectors.

After: American Airlines Arena, Miami FL Concert Experience.

I got had near the parking lot someone pretended to help me park dunno why I was caught off guard ugh I hate this kind of scams! anyway, he told me to give him some money as he got the parking ticket in his hands and quickly put it in my dashboard (red flag!) I gave him some money and told me he'll just get some change (another red flag!) but he never came back nor gave me my change back (curses!) I just think about this kind of hoodlums will eventually get caught, karma eventually take its toll, pray for him to change and get an actual paying honest job to get him off the streets and justice in the end of course.

The one of many solutions I could think of for this kind of human experience is to pretend to be local for one thing if you're driving with a gps in your car please hide it especially when you know you're approaching the area so they won't know you're unfamiliar with it. Two, never trust anyone! Three, just keep walking if your out in the streets walk as fast as you can or run as fast go to a safe location make yourself heard out in public scream if you must! or honk your horn or alarm system in your car so they'll go away. Call 911 for emergency,Park in well lighted places check out where other people are at. Look for help, cops, police whatever even if you think they won't help you someone might eventually will. I'll try to redeem myself next time and pretend like I'm back in the third world country I guess I got kind of careless and carefree and got use to the safe haven of my community here in the states. Miami's a really bad place like a hell hole solely speaking the area near the arena and downtown I know some good places there that aren't as bad but I don't really feel safe out there unless I'm with family but even that I don't feel safe. The Cops didn't actually do anything they are nowhere to be seen when that sort of crime happened in the streets they say there is someone stationed out there maybe I haven't seen them but there should be and it's weird coz they can't or dunno who is suppose to be stationed out there they can't even put a radio call in that team that's suppose to be there.They want me to go all the way back there where it happened and look for the the stationed cops myself how crazy stupid is that? haha I never thought it would be this bad in the states/miami for this matter in the Philippines we call it Pulis Batuta (Police officer(s) who only got a wooden stick in their hands,wandering aimlessly,steady & happy go lucky most of the time who don't give a damn although I know some who really are quite good with their jobs and helping people in need anyway) This is actually the First time this ever happened to me this petty crime I know its a small thing  but you know what they say big things comes from small beginnings tsk tsk...times like these makes me wish super hero crime fighting people are real you know or like undercover cops in real life pretending to be normal or whatever.

These things do happen in real life I'm just glad I'm alive and well got outta that hell hole safe just like my mom use to say money can always be earned but life is priceless anyway, I tried to enjoy the concert as much as I can although I can't help but think til I get home and I was really exhausted from driving and that over all experience but I won't let that define my whole night it's a learning experience I just hope noone would ever experience it (even though this sh!t happens dunno for how long) truly feels like GTA men...
I actually called their police hotline and the operator told me they don't actually have that kind of thing where you can just call in the report I have to tell the stationed officer that time, be there in person and testify and all that. I just hope and pray the miami police department system would upgrade itself with their crime fighting rate. It's hard and tough being a cop or a responder for that kind of matter. There's always a loophole in the system please fix it soon asap! I also looked up loads of things online about crimestoppers,tipsters and all that it's so not that organize you know they need a new system, much simple graphic design,css or programming on their sites and more pictures of criminals out there available in public plus more warnings and police stations/walking around patrolling the streets or undercover.

Moving on, there's an opening Act Gavin Jones I think I don't know him he tried his best to keep the crowd going and the crowd was pretty responsive and nice to him. Then there's a break 30 mins or was it an hour dunno it felt like ages. Sam sang probably around 9pm til 10:30pm normal concert times. I think his voice is pretty divine in real life as in LIVE! it's so powerful,intense and nothing I imagined it to be you know it's better than his albums haha!

I actually got lost while looking for my seat and eventually found it before the Sam sang haha I'm actually a bit relieved my seat wasn't so bad afterall I mean it's alright way up high and I got some pretty good video shots woohoo! and I'm glad I managed to pull it all off capture the vibe and songs I like and love, My video doesn't do any justice to Sam's voice etc. It was an awesome song truly a night to remember :)) It's nice to have this sort of human social experience, they came across the pond for us to experience their musical talent and I think it's worth it to watch them live! support the arts and music industry!

I love the flashlight scene and I like how there's an oldtimer who took out his lighter instead of those flashlight/cellphone flashlight app.  haha! I don't think there's a merch stand inside all I saw was food and drinks which are overpriced and expensive, during the security search there are a lot of water and granola bars on hold the tables. And after the concert I saw some guy selling Sam Smith's printed face,name and such in cheap cotton shirts probably around $10 or so. Some guy across the street was even selling "legalized marijuana" uh-huh I kept walking. I need to remind myself to wear some socks next time my skin kinda rubbed off my shoes it sucks took me almost a day to heal ugh -_- the rest of the week was actually pretty nice and cool lady luck's on my side. Like they said everything happens for a reason, live life and let things we can't control go! let it go! keep on moving forward! plus next time I'll come prepared haha!

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  1. Agreed, Kim! Support the arts and music industry be that through music CD sales or concert experiences.

    By the way, that is awful you got scammed before the Sam Smith concert even happened. Better luck next time.